Steven Kelly Talks About The Life Lessons He Learned After Practising Survival Skills For 18 Years

Steven Kelly Talks About The Life Lessons He Learned After Practising Survival Skills For 18 Years
Steven Kelly Talks About The Life Lessons He Learned After Practising Survival Skills For 18 Years

Everything we do in life teaches us something or the other. In a world where people struggle to find their life’s purpose and enhance their lifestyle, Steven Kelly feels Lucky for living his best life.

Steven got to learn some really helpful and life-changing lessons from his experience of teaching and practicing survival skills for 18 Years in the British Army.

In this post, we talk about Steven Kelly’s Life-lessons and how Survival skills have helped enhance his life.


Who is Steven Kelly?

Before we talk about the lessons, here is a small intro about Steven Kelly.

Steven Kelly is a full-time soldier serving in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery.

He has trained and instructed weapons, Survival, and Bushcraft skills in the British Army for 18 years, working in Afghanistan, Norway, Sierra Leone, and numerous other countries.

Now, let’s talk about how he has benefitted from all this experience.


Gratitude – Not the Cliche Talk

Gratitude is a word used quite often by almost every other successful person, but Steven talks about Gratitude from what he has experienced first-hand!

We usually do not realize it, but life is very uncertain, and you have no idea what may happen the very next second.

Steven has actually experienced a lot of such situations in the wild while serving in the Army.

This has taught him to savor the present moment and live life to the fullest!



We, as humans, have no idea about the potential of the human brain. We are capable of moving the mountains; however, it is our thinking which stops us from achieving our goals.

He experienced this in the wild, where many a time, he was able to look for the solution to a problem that seemed impossible earlier.

Your brain is designed to perform faster in scenarios that need urgent attention. The best part is that we have the power to change what we think and customize our minds to work smarter in every situation in life.

All these experiences helped Steven think about alternatives and solutions to problems in his everyday life, which allowed him to start his company South West Survival and grow it to a place where it directly impacts the lives of hundreds of people!

He also faced a problem in his life where a disease in his right eye almost halted his life. It was the feelings of optimism and Gratitude, which helped him recover and get a chance to rejoin the Army.


Social Skills

Most of what happens to you in your life will have a direct relation to your communication and social skills.

Communicating effectively and working in a Team teaches you a lot. Getting love from people living and working near you will be a natural thing for you.

This has also helped him build meaningful relationships in his life!


The importance of Health in Life

Being healthy is not a choice but a necessity in the Army.

You get to face a lot of situations in the Army, which teach you the importance of remaining healthy.

  •    Do you know that your mood and thinking capabilities are directly linked to physical fitness?

Steven has been lucky to practice something that he loves(Survival skills). His profession and hobby help him remain fit, healthy, and positive.

If you are not in a job that will help you be fit, make sure to have a hobby that will help you. You will definitely get to see a boost in your personal and professional life just because of a hobby that keeps you fit!


Everyone must learn and practice all the above-mentioned life lessons to live a fulfilling life.

This article is a sign for you to do what you love and make changes in your life to better it!

To know more about Steven Kelly and South West Survival, head straight to to learn more about him and his Survival Training company in the UK!

We assure you that you will find things that will allow you to experience a new dimension of your life.

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