How Francis Volpe’s Y Not You Media Is Helping Businesses and Brands Grow Exponentially

How Francis Volpe's Y Not You Media Is Helping Businesses and Brands Grow Exponentially

When you think about your dream, you might feel like you won’t measure up. However, the message that Francis Volpe wants to convey with his brand Y Not You Media, is that everyone should have the opportunity to live the life they want to live. They ask, “Why not you?” This agency has made leaps and bounds in helping their clients grow, and their success continues to grow.

Y Not You Media is a New York–based, Forbes-accredited marketing agency. Francis Volpe is the co-founder of the organization, and he works with his friends Tony Pec and Michael Capozzi to make the organization run. It’s recognized as the first-ever social media attention agency, and they’re working hard to help businesses and brands grow exponentially. Their small team started helping clients reach broader audiences and find new business leads, and the rest is history. It only took them six months to become a six-figure company. “I wasn’t expecting success that quickly,” Volpe said. “It made me realize that there was really a need in the market for what we were offering.” They grew their team from 12 to 17 in only a small amount of time, and Volpe says that their team is far from done growing. “We have so much success because we work hard to make our clients’ messages stick out from everyone else’s. We want every post they make to be meaningful and recognizable, whether it be a video, photo, or text post.” Volpe also stresses that it’s vital for his team to keep up with the times. “We study trends in social media on a daily basis to keep our clientship and relevant. We want to capitalize on the newest memes and trends and avoid making businesses look outdated.” Overall, creating the client’s vision and then amping it up even more is Y Not You Media’s mission.

Francis Volpe has some advice for people who need help with social media. “Hiring an agency is the best call if you really don’t know anything about the platforms,” he said. “Although it might seem like a big expense, you’ll be losing a lot more money if you can’t reel in clients from your social media channels.” Social media takes practice, and you don’t want to spend months failing when you could be making more money. If you’re new, he recommends sticking to one or two sites or apps where you can do well, rather than trying to master every platform at the same time. “Not all businesses need to be on every social media platform. There’s no reason for a real estate company to be on TikTok, and little reason for a clothing company to spend lots of time on Linkedin. A social media agency will help you figure out what’s best for your vision.”

If you need help whipping your social media game into shape, consider working with Francis Volpe and Y Not You Media. They’ll transform your profiles and get you more leads online than you could even imagine.

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