Barion McQueen, PR Consultant: Telling a Story through Personal Branding

Barion McQueen, PR Consultant: Telling a Story through Personal Branding

“It’s is never too late to start but there is always a lot of self-doubt when starting something new that will put you out there to the public. There is so much good that comes with the recognition, but you also open yourself up to a lot of criticism and people’s personal opinions of you.”

The above quote comes from a recent interview we conducted with serial entrepreneur and business consultant, Barion McQueen, and we thought it perfect to start the article with it, because it embodies everything, we wanted to tell you.

Speaking, of course, about himself and his own journey here, McQueen accidentally touched upon the exact feeling that is common to a music artist who is just starting out, at the beginning of the road. He also inadvertently showed us exactly why said artist need people like McQueen in their lives. Because he understands what you are going through and knows how to steer you to reach your maximum potential.

As a business consultant to musicians, Barion McQueen focuses his work on two main aspects: marketing and personal branding. As a marketing expert, McQueen studies and identifies the problems with your approach to marketing, he looks at your social media presence and campaigns and shows you how to grow your audience in a natural and marketing-smart way. The bestselling author of “Why Won’t My Business Grow?: Steps to Sustainable Business Growth”, McQueen is nothing if not well-versed in the field of growing your business, and that certainly recommends him as one of the top business consultants in the music industry today.

Then, of course, there is the personal branding aspect. Now, a lot of people do not rightly understand what personal branding is or what value it has. Well, basically, personal branding is polishing the product and showing the potential buyer why they cannot live without it. But instead of polishing your music, a personal branding consultant shows you how to polish your public image (anything from how you conduct yourself during press interviews, to your social media presence), in order to appeal to as many people as possible.

Yes, music is a lot about being talented, but unfortunately, that is not enough. Often, selling your music also involves crafting a clever marketing campaign or creating a personal brand that people can love and relate to. If you look at the top music stars in the world today, it is easy to see you are not simply looking at the music alone. You are also seeing who they are as a person, or at least, who they seem to be with the clever help of their personal branding consultants. But why are we trying so hard to explain to you what personal branding does when we have an expert in the field here to explain it for us? Take it away, Barion McQueen!

“What people do not understand about PR/Personal Branding is that a person’s journey is the story. The object is to get the story out to the masses, and that’s what I can do.”

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