As One of the First Therapists on TikTok Dr Kim Chronister Informs and Inspires

Dr Kim Chronister
Dr Kim Chronister

It’s been over a year now that Dr Kim Chronister has been on the TikTok platform. As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr Chronister is extremely passionate about making mental health related information accessible to everyone of all ages.  Her success on the platform has translated into a book and a podcast. Many people of all ages are drawn to her content as she packs in mental health and relationship tips in just one-minute videos on the platform.  She packs in research based information about relationships and mental health in an entertaining way that feels very relatable.

Dr Chronister was recently named No. 2 on the “10 TikTok Accounts You Should be Following.”  She was one of the first rapidly growing psychologists (known as a “TikTok Therapist”) to create videos on the platform.  So far, she has gained hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views on videos like “Signs that Someone is Lying to You” and “Psychology of Having a Crush.”

TikTok has translated into other meaningful projects for the psychologist. “My TikTok followers actually requested that I write a book about how to get over breakups, so I wrote Breakup Recovery. Next, they requested a podcast, so I began producing Love to Heal with Dr Kim.” Dr Chronister’s podcast Love to Heal with Dr Kim features guests such as athletes, attorneys, and actors, and singers where they discuss things like motivation, how to get over a breakup recovery, and overcoming obstacles in life.

Dr Chronister plans on continuing to produce mental health and relationship content to educate followers on both YouTube TikTok @drkimchronister.  With both growing by the day, it is certain that Dr Chronister’s passion to help others will continue to attract followers by the masses.



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