Dr. Kim Chronister Shares 5 Practical Tips on Dealing with Rejection and Setbacks


Being rejected is one of the hardest things humans could face, and managing setbacks can also be a huge roadblock. Dr. Kim Chronister is a licensed psychologist who has been practicing for 10 years, and here are her tips to deal with these pitfalls.

Allow yourself time to process

Do not think that you have to spring right up and try again directly after a rejection or setback. “Allowing yourself to feel the pain will make it more likely that you’ll succeed later,” says Dr. Kim Chronister. “If you don’t deal with the emotions, they might cause self-esteem issues down the line.”

Don’t take it personally

When you’re facing rejection in your work, you might feel tempted to assume it was a personal decision. “Whenever there’s an opportunity, someone will have to be rejected,” Dr. Chronister points out. “You won’t know why you were passed over, but it doesn’t have anything to do with your worth as a person.”

Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s easy to see other people thriving and feel terrible about your rejections or setbacks. However, you should not focus on other people and instead try to beat yourself. “Keep your eyes on your own paper,” says Dr. Chronister.

Make it a learning opportunity

Setbacks and rejections can actually help you learn more and come out on top. Failure is inevitable if you’re reaching highs, and you might be able to find ways to make it propel you forward. “Learn from your mistakes and keep going,” she says. “Don’t let them get you down.”

Don’t give up!

When you’re rejected for an opportunity in your field, your first inclination might be to give up completely. However, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams because of merely one failure. “Dust yourself off and come back better than ever.”

Rejections and setbacks don’t have to be the end of your journey. Working with a therapist like Dr. Kim Chronister can help you unlock your potential and deal with such tough emotions.

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