Jesus Brillo Takes Us through the Creation of Their Latest Sizzling Track Dominican Mariachi

Jesus Brillo Takes Us through the Creation of Their Latest Sizzling Track Dominican Mariachi
Jesus Brillo Takes Us through the Creation of Their Latest Sizzling Track Dominican Mariachi

Jesus Brillo shares how the sizzling Latin track Dominican Mariachi was created.

Latin-infused rap and hip-hop tracks have been climbing up the Spotify charts in recent years. It’s a genre of music that leads with the beat. Non-English language songs have been lately trending worldwide and are now crossing over into mainstream charts. Rap, reggaeton, and trap artist Jesus Brillo has been riding this musical wave. The collaborative track ‘Dominican Mariachi’ that he created with three other leading rap artists was released this year, and it is racking up listeners on Spotify.

Brillo shares that collaborating on music is something that he as a performer thrives on. The ‘Dominican Mariachi’ single brings together Brillo and rap artists – La Felpa 27, El Jincho, and El Blanco 18. Brillo explains that the collaboration came together as a result of the mutual desire of the rappers who all create Latino beats and verses as solo artists, to combine their music. Brillo says that he was a fan of the single ‘Pra Pra’ which La Felpa 27 and El Jincho had collaborated on, and the track had a buzzing energy that he wanted to be a part of. The three performers then joined up with rap artist El Blanco 18 and started to create the beat-heavy track.

Brillo shares that the vocals on the track were as important as the beat that they put down. Each artist got a chance to play to their musical strengths, while also complementing each other’s vocals and abilities. Brillo is known for his reggaeton music, a sound that he says he’s proud to share with a mainstream audience. Reggaeton is a hugely popular genre of music in the Dominican Republic. The genre originated in Panama, but was first brought to mainstream music by artists in Puerto Rico. Brillo shares that he has always been drawn to Reggaeton music for its eclectic sound which is a mix of hip-hop, reggae, and the Latin rhythms of Bachata and Merengue. Of how the four performers created the music for Dominican Mariachi, Brillo says, “We wanted to create a track where our vocals could pop while the Latin beat kept the track moving.”

Jesus Brillo was raised in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic within the 27, De Febrero neighborhood. His journey as a professional musician started in 2016, though it was in 2020 that his music started to blow up and gain listeners. As a performer, Brillo wears multiple hats; as well as being a songwriter, he also directs the music videos for his own songs. Of his desire to continue collaborating with other artists, Brillo says, “I’ve always felt that the more voices there are on a track, the more the track comes to life.”

It’s clear that Jesus Brillo will be creating many more collaborations in the future and his fans are already excited to hear them.

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