Creating a legacy of his own as a passionate multipreneur is Carlo Parodi

Creating a legacy of his own as a passionate multipreneur is Carlo Parodi
Creating a legacy of his own as a passionate multipreneur is Carlo Parodi

This man has exuded all that helps a person become the best in the business world, which is why his business empire, ‘Casanova’, has attained massive success.




Today, when we speak about different individuals coming from different corners of the world, we also want to throw light on all those qualities and virtues that they exude in becoming the best in their chosen industries. Speaking more about these individuals only pumps in more energy in others, especially when they come to know the real struggles and challenges, they faced in becoming the top-notch names they are today in the business world. The more we learn about them, the more intrigue it develops in us to further learn about their real stories. Carlo Parodi’s name currently has been one that has garnered a lot of name and fame purely because of his passion, drive and commitment to making it huge not in one but multiple niches.


This Italian talent, who now resides in the UK, had a great childhood, where he received an excellent education and had a strong rapport and relationship with his parents. Since his childhood, Carlo Parodi found a keen interest in sports and dreamed of becoming a Formula One driver. However, he confesses that whenever he discussed his dreams with his friends, they only made fun. Instead of losing hope or giving up, Carlo Parodi’s purpose became even stronger and he kept moving on his path. Giacomo Casanova was the one who deeply inspired Carlo Parodi and hence, he worked towards owning the Casanova brand’s copyright.


This ingenious man went ahead in creating Giacomo Casanova Ltd and also established Casanova Museum & Experience in Venice in only three months as an ode to Giacomo Casanova on his birthday. The foundation has appointed history professors, 18th-century experts, and local authorities to let visitors have a great experience to remember for a lifetime. To grow his Casanova brand and do something for his love for “Made in Italy” products, Carlo Parodi began working for his brand Casanova Prosecco, a brand for champagne and prosecco products, selling it across the world.


Carlo Parodi started his brand ‘Giacomo Casanova Style’, making designer undergarments to help people experience an exquisite high-fashion experience. Carlo Parodi wishes to change the face of the modern-day business world with his own unique style and business acumen and further grow his Casanova empire to much greater heights in the near future. Find out more about this ace entrepreneur through Instagram

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