Elevate Your Child’s Pandemic Preschool Experience with the ABC Virtual Preschool

Paula Owen

The pandemic has impacted the lives of millions around the world, not only people struggling to find work, but also many young children trying to complete their education and develop the skills necessary to move forward in life. Preschoolers aged 2-5 in particular have become a demographic doing it particularly tough with kindergarten and pre-school care facilities being shut down, and working-from-home parents being stretched too thin to meet the needs of their growing children.

These children are in a crucially formative period of their development, and use the experiences and lessons taught during this period to serve as the foundation for the learning they do for the rest of their life. Early Childhood Educator and mother of 4, Carin Smolinski has experienced this problem first-hand, and has made it her mission to ensure that families around the world have access to high-quality preschool education at an affordable price through the ABC Virtual Pre-School!

Carin has been providing early childhood education through elite private preschools for 23 years, and launched the first ABC International School in Tokyo, Japan in 1998 in order to raise the quality of education that expats and international families had access to. With an illustrious career spanning 2 best-selling children’s books, Founder of Tokyo Families Magazine, 4 children of her own and the success of the ABC International School, Carin has devoted her life to families and  early childhood care and education. When the pandemic hit, Carin realized that she needed to help fight the growing childcare crisis by providing an affordable service directly to families around the world enabling them with access to quality education, nurturing and support of their child’s development during these unprecedented times.

According to MyECECanada, the first 2,000 days of a child’s brain development sets the foundation for learning and well-being that lasts a lifetime. The second 1,000 days – the preschool years – established the foundation for reading, mathematics, science and creative arts, setting children up for lifelong learning behaviours. This crucial time in a child’s development must be nurtured and supported to ensure their growth doesn’t become stunted. This is why the ABC Virtual Preschool is providing such an essential service. Their renowned curriculum takes into account all of the learning aspects your child would undertake in typical preschool environments, delivering them via daily 45 minute, on-demand videos and activities that keep your child engaged. The curriculum covers all the major STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) fields, as well as literacy while also fostering an understanding of the world, stimulating the social and emotional learning your child undergoes with physically and mentally engaging activities that strike a balance between screen and non-screen activities.

The ABC Virtual Preschool supplies families and caregivers with the tools they need to ensure their child’s academic development, while also removing some of the burden off parents and giving them a much needed break in their day. The video classes and activity guides are offered for 5 days a week worth of lessons, and include song, dance, and play components that give children essential time hands on learning, explore ideas and learn about their world. No drowning in dull worksheets or being glued to the ipad, only fun and enriching lessons for your child to enjoy!

At the cost of less than a dollar per day, the ABC Virtual Preschool offers incredible value for a service delivered by professionals and backed by a  childcare educator who is established and respected in her field. Give your child the best early-learning education they can get by supplementing your homeschool routine with the ABC Virtual Preschool today!

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