Meet Anusha Chowdhury who is empowering lives

Anusha Chowdhur
Meet Anusha Chowdhury who is empowering lives

Anusha is a 25 years old entrepreneur who is breaking stereotypes. Anusha hails from Chittagong Bangladesh. She has done her graduation with Bachelors of Business Administration with a major in Marketing from North South University, Dhaka.

Anusha wants to give back to my community and do something for her country. Anusha says, “we hope to abolish hunger, unemployment, and illiteracy from Bangladesh and we would like you to join with us and be by our side as we make our journey to overcome this daunting challenge.”


To do so she has founded Fund a Nation. Fund a Nation has a simple purpose; to create opportunities for underprivileged individuals within Bangladesh and provide them with a better life. It would focus its work on building careers for the underprivileged youth and diminish the hunger problems that exist in Bangladesh. The foundation is a non-profit organization with volunteers and benefactors who arrive from different prominent industries of Bangladesh and willing to make a change for society.


The reason why Anusha chose to be an entrepreneur


“I have chosen this path of entrepreneurship because I want to rise to prominence by the complete utilization of my skills. While doing a job is a safe source of income, Bangladesh is a country that is overpopulated and opportunities are very scarce. So, I decided to create my opportunity and provide opportunities to others as well through my ventures. I have seen a lot of people struggle for a job and then get fired under uncertain circumstances, I did not want to have the same fate”, Anusha stated.


Here is what Anusha has to say for her family’s support


Anusha’s family has supported her immensely. In Bangladesh, there is a culture of a family trying to restrict the movement of the female members of the family but her family has always encouraged her to do what she wanted. “They have always provided me with sufficient freedom and pushed me to become the best version of myself. My father and mother, both have always wanted me to be a successful entrepreneur who can take care of herself and following in my mother’s footsteps, who is also a great entrepreneur in her field, I am trying to imitate her success. My siblings have also been supporting me through every step and they cheer me on even when I feel like I am losing the fight. They are my greatest source of strength and inspiration”, Anusha stated.


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