A Pioneer Of Cosmetic Medicine And A Driven Humanitarian – Dr. Gabriel

Dr. Allen Gabriel
A Pioneer Of Cosmetic Medicine And A Driven Humanitarian - Dr. Gabriel

Dr. Allen Gabriel is a certified member of the American Board Of Plastic surgery. He is one of the leading protagonists of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries with a well-versed skillset in aesthetic medicine. But Gabriel’s achievements in charity are just as remarkable.

Medical spa treatment has become his field of expertise. The master aesthetician strives to enhance the natural beauty and fine-tune each client to bring out the best in them by finding a balance between their aesthetic goals and anatomy.

Dr. Gabriel supervises each treatment with the proper assembly of handpicked staff and aestheticians to ensure optimum results. He overlooks each professional’s extensive training to be brilliant. Some of the most popular treatment choices in his practice are coolsculpting elite, Morpheus face and body, botox, and Juvederm injectables.

An Overview Of The Expertise

Dr. Gabriel enrolled at Loma Linda University in 2001 to further excel in his plastic surgery. There, he joined the elite team at the Integrated Plastic Surgery Residency Program. During his budding years, he traveled to Ethiopia for Operation Good Samaritan and has led several committees before achieving the title of chief resident.

Today, he is known for contributing his work and experience to the fourth edition of Scott L Spear’s ‘Surgery Of The Breast,’ popularly known as the bible of breast surgery. Before achieving his expertise, he initially started his Breast And Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, Tennesse, in 2007. At the time, an iconic figure, Dr. Patrick Maxwell, has acknowledged the potential of Dr. Allen Gabriel.

Upon completing the fellowship, Dr. Gabriel had managed to become a prodigal practitioner of breast and aesthetic surgery. He had acquired the most advanced skills and mastery. His artistic zest further enabled him to explore the realm of possibilities for his clients.

Although Dr. Gabriel had various achievements to his belt, his unique approach to spa treatment was undoubtedly a highlight. More than that, along with his wife, Dr. Cassie Gabriel, founded an NGO, The Pink Lemonade Project.

It became an endeavor to support women with breast cancer diagnoses. Today, the foundation has grown to be a full-fledged organization with support groups, retreats, educational seminars, mentorship, and much more.

Dr. Allen Gabriel also often provides his expertise and services free of charge to those in need, especially the survivors of any deformity, injury, wound, or trauma that could leave a scar or ruin a person’s appearance. He provides restorative surgery to such patients, making truly life-changing impacts.

A Visionary For Improvements

The life of the master aesthetician is just starting. He seeks to provide higher-grade services with consistent improvements. Meanwhile, he also wants to fulfill his philanthropic duty to the best of his capabilities and lay more vital compassion for the most discriminatory industry.

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