Entrepreneur Rishabh Ghuliani shares crucial steps to grow a business

Entrepreneur Rishabh Ghuliani shares crucial steps to grow a business
Entrepreneur Rishabh Ghuliani shares crucial steps to grow a business

Rishabh Ghuliani, a digital entrepreneur and marketer, knows the formula of growth.

Being an entrepreneur in today’s time is not just about starting something. It is about understanding the depth of it and making sure the business grows with time. Rishabh has a great knack to understand what decisions one has to take in their business that helps it to progress. Just at the age of 20, he owns a digital marketing agency to which several top celebrities from India have subscribed to.

Rishabh Ghuliani shares what are some crucial points one has to keep in mind while they start a business or want to succeed the existing one:


  1. One step at a time

One needs to note down what their aim is. They should pick up an area in which they want to start their business. However, people should not try to start up with multiple things. Rishabh believes that a person should start with one thing and once it works out, should try to expand.


  1. Understanding the trends

In today’s time in the digital world, it is crucial to be updated with the trends. For businesses like digital marketing, most of the work is done online. Keep a tab on what’s working, how to blend your business in keeping up with the trend, and how you can use the trends to make your work eye-catching.


  1. Communicate

Rishabh states that an entrepreneur, one must not provide services to others but spend enough time in working for themselves too. It is important to communicate with your clients. But it is super important to market, advertise and promote your work. “Communication is key. Make your company or brand approachable and see how your client number grows”, says Rishabh Ghuliani.


  1. Be Positive

Rishabh Ghuliani says that one cannot feel dejected just because of one or several setbacks. He believes that only a positive approach and self-motivation will help an entrepreneur to stay in the game. That’s how he also made his digital marketing business one of the top ones. In a competitive market, one must learn to pat themselves in the back for every big or small achievement.


Rishabh Ghuliani said that he himself follows these 4 steps to keep his work going on. He says, “Just trust your brand and service. Don’t give up just because things don’t work out at the beginning itself. Patience is the key and in the world of entrepreneurship, it’s the main key.”

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