Brandon Odom who took the path less travelled

Brandon Odom
Brandon Odom who took the path less travelled

Brandon Odom is an entrepreneur who stays grounded because he set out to build a business that would give him time with his loved ones.  When you take the path less travelled, there are certain hurdles you need to overcome.  His willingness to do hard things and determination is the reason he has come so far today. He graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2007 and went on to earn his Master’s in Leadership Studies. He served as an Active Duty US Army Officer for 7 years. A few years later, he left the military and became an affiliate marketer. After some spectacular early failures, he finally found his stride and achieved the lifestyle he envisioned for himself and his family while investing his time into projects he cares deeply about.

A brief about Odom’s work

 Odom offers a variety of digital and physical products and services for individuals and businesses. His core offer for the last 5 years has been high-ticket health products, primarily Enagic alkaline water ionizers.  Brandon and his team have sold millions of dollars worth of those machines which have blessed thousands of households with constant access to the healthiest water on the planet.

The success Odom has seen in his niche snowballed into launching a software as a service company (SaaS) that provides entrepreneurs with important tools for growing their businesses. He has also launched an agency focused on local lead generation for brick and mortar businesses as well as consulting services. Throughout the journey, Brandon has built a Latin dance brand hosting classes, parties, festivals and concerts to share his passion with the world.

Brandon learned several skills such as copywriting, email marketing, media buying, sales funnel design and optimization, and sales system creation which contributed to his success in multiple verticals while at the same time allowed him to enjoy the lifestyle he always wanted due to leveraging automation.

Here is how Brandon’s product different from the rest

 The digital marketing space and in particular the health niche is rife with massive competition. The water ionizer market has a lot of different brands but Enagic is the industry leader and the only one that is an OEM. It’s also certified as a medical device in Japan. In selling it, Brandon and his team have never competed on price because it’s the premium product in the industry and demonstrably has the most value because of its many features.

What Brandon looks forward to

 3 years from now Brandon expects he will have another 10,000 customers and have the blueprint to $1,000,000/month. Also one of his major goals is to purchase or construct his ideal dance club & event space in Phoenix or Scottsdale that he has envisioned for at least the last 7 years.


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