Milou Sky Is Gaining Huge Popularity On Social Media For Their Unique Music

Milou Sky
Milou Sky

Milou Sky took the entire world by storm with their unique music and tunes. The band blends several genres of music starting from classic 60s rock, 90s grunge, and modern pop in their own style.


Milou Sky, the band of four young artists, is highly inspired by The Beatles. The band has become an instant hit with music lovers. Milou Sky has a fan base of over 100,000 followers on its official Instagram profile. 


Milou Sky has an interesting story behind its formation. Two stepbrothers, Zach Ninfo and Ryan Beckett came together for a cause. Though they disliked each other, their mutual admiration for The Beatles and relentless passion for music led to its formation. 


Beckett plays the guitars and is the lead vocalist in the band while Zach plays the drums. 


Owing to the band’s overwhelming popularity, the duo then added Liam and Nolan Meadowcroft as the third and fourth members respectively to the band. The band was formerly called “The Reasons” but later on, its name changed to Milou Sky. 


Milou Sky believes in setting new standards and trends. They always come out with something more interesting and refreshing than their previous work. 


Unfortunately, COVID-19 led to the cancellation of their several gigs, but it only strengthened Milou Sky’s determination to succeed against all odds. 


The band regularly interacted with their audience on social media during the entire lockdown phase. It helped them share their thoughts with them.


According to Ryan Beckett of Milou Sky, “Social media is important. It helps you communicate with your fans without any hindrance. We regularly post home recordings and share the same with our fans. It helps us understand their views and thoughts on the same.” 


Milou Sky has also come forward to help other bands as well sharing similar interests. The band uses the power and unlimited potentials of social media by giving shout-outs to other bands. It helped the band make new friends and connections. 


During the entire COVID-19 pandemic, Milou Sky has been successful in creating a large network of music professionals for mutual growth. 


Despite the coronavirus-induced lockdowns and shrinking music industry worldwide, the band utilized the lockdown period by writing new compositions and lyrics. 


The pop band from Reading, Pennsylvania, is quite confident of their talent and art. Despite facing stiff competition from other musicians and artists, Milou Sky feels music is a vast field and every artist can contribute something. 


The band is now quite serious about creating a long-standing relationship with other musicians and increasing their global fanbase. 

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