Photographer Pedro Rolle Jr Talks About His Photography Style, Says “Capturing Subjects In Movement Is Something I Love To Do”

Pedro Rolle Jr

Alfred Stieglitz had rightly said, “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” When one takes a look at Pedro Rolle Jr’s pictures, it screams of life and soul as they leave an impact on our mind. A dreamer from Bahamas who was always smitten by the beauty of nature and humans decided to capture it in his camera from childhood. Today, he is one of the best photographers in the world.

To reach at this stage in his career, Pedro Rolle Jr has witnessed a lot of challenges and struggles. But he walked past them all, never gave up and made it to his entrepreneurial journey. Photography first started as a hobby, then he would do small or big assignments, slowly, PRJ worked with top models and his work got featured on big publications and eventually, he runs his own site. From looking for work to now people contacting him to hire him for their classy and big projects, Pedro has shown how passion to do something always results in success.

Pedro Rolle Jr who did his education in Civil Engineering always knew he wants to be a photographer. Hence, even while pursuing studies, he kept clicking pictures of friends, surrounding and everything around. Today, he is known mainly for his fashion photography. But PRJ says that he doesn’t want to be labelled in one genre. For him, photography overall is his life and he has worked hard and made himself capable of capturing anything varying from nature, objects, still photography, fashion photography and more.

Pedro says, “I don’t really like to label the kind of photographer I am. Mainly because my interest is in so many things. Sure, I take great fashion photography but I like to create beautiful images primarily. I see beauty in so many things.”

When asked to describe his style, the photographer answered, “I go for breathtaking images. I want to look at my pictures and feel like ‘wow, this should be hung on the wall in my house’. Capturing subjects in movement is something I love to do so I never stop hitting the trigger button on the camera. I capture the pose, the transition to the next pose and the destination pose as well.”

Talking about his own venture, PRJ’s official website where his all great work is featured is –
People can also get in touch with him for individual photoshoot, model photography, portfolios or covering any kind of big or small events.

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