5 Things I have learned from Markus Hetzenegger

Markus Hetzenegger
Lessons from Markus Hetzenegger

Entrepreneurs and businesses around the world are all crying out to have their voices heard. They have a killer product, but can’t seem to generate consistent returns on ad spend. Investing in a digital marketer is the key to seeing your returns soar, but choosing the right one could potentially make or break your success. CEO of the internationally renowned boutique advertising agency NYBA Media, Markus Hetzeneggar is an established Digital Marketing Specialist who has generated 9-figure returns for his clients, working with clients from small innovative brands to giant multinationals. Markus shared with us some insights on how he managed to find success with NYBA Media, and what traits to look for in your digital marketers.

Living on the winning side

Markus views life through the lens of a game, where your daily actions affect your standing and each decision can lead to your victory, or toward defeat. Markus definitely has the mindset of a winner; choosing to risk it big by betting on himself and doing everything in his power to ensure that he comes out on top. He took control over his destiny when he created NYBA Media, and painstakingly learned to play the game on his terms by becoming one of the top online advertising specialists globally.

Steady Growth

Although he initially struggled to find his footing and see growth, Markus believes that “When you work on something long enough, you can only succeed. There’s no other option.” His determination and perseverance saw him through the arduous process of building NYBA Media into the 9-figure generating powerhouse it is today in only 5 years. Only through rigorous research, investment trial and error was he able to climb these peaks, and Markus believes in optimization as a never-ending process for forging success. “By simply learning more about something every day, your decisions will consistently become better. Through this process, any goal should become attainable.” He noted.

A sense for detail

Through the process of building NYBA Media, Markus has developed a keen eye. He’s always been fascinated at how some companies can convince people to sell t-shirts for $300, while others can’t sell theirs for $20, and through time and optimization Markus has discovered the difference in these marketers. Markus hand-picks clients specifically based on their values as a company and their unique potential. “At NYBA Media we prioritize scalable projects with an opportunity to think outside the box. We prefer quality over quantity any day of the week.

Not losing sight of your goal

My favourite book was called ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ by Maxwell MaltzMarkus recalls. “It opened my eyes to the importance of my mind and taught me that you are the product of your imagination. Using your imagination and beliefs you can change that “product” step by step. You could even change your entire life through altering your self-image because you’ll start thinking and acting like the person you want to become“. This mindset of resilience was forged through years of hardship. Markus’s unwavering drive to create a life for himself and his goal of providing tangible value to his clients kept him firmly on his path until it was inevitable that he succeeded.

To engage and inspire people

The whole ethos of NYBA Media is that they’re more than just the average marketing agency. “We deliver real results that have a long-term impact on progressive brands,” Markus said, proudly. “We’re not just another full-service marketing agency; we don’t do numbers and impressions that just look good on paper; we deliver sales and conversions that have a direct and measurable impact on your figures“. Markus works intimately with his clients to understand and develop a meaningful relationship with them. His goal for NYBA to be an internationally recognized marketing agency and at the forefront of creating impactful connections online.

If you’re an innovative and exciting business looking for a top-tier advertising campaign from one of the world’s finest boutique marketing agencies, connect with Markus Hetzenegger through his website, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook. A collaboration with NYBA Media is guaranteed to have results that have you standing apart from the crowd. Secure your brand’s future, today!


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