Alok Jha: Pioneering the Digital Revolution in India

Alok Jha: Pioneering the Digital Revolution in India

India is accelerating its growth. Just a week ago, India pulled itself out of the recession successfully despite nationwide lockdown and the farmers protest which is still happening in some parts of northern India. But what is interesting to see is that India has not only proved that it knows how to do the business through a conventional approach because that is where most of the demands and supply chain is at but it also successfully embraces new challenges. And India proved this by mass manufacturing of COVID-19 Vaccine.


This shows the relentlessness and perseverance that India has and it reflects in the youth of this country. IT is one of the most crucial parts of the country’s growth, one more industry that has been attracting Indian youth is Digital Marketing. We have one of the most successful practitioners of this field, founder and CEO of Forever Media, Alok Jha who shared with us some valuable insights about the market.


“Digital marketing is one of the very few fields where technology effortlessly collaborates with the creativity and strategy,” he said.

“The number of content creators is increasing, thanks to the mobile internet revolution brought to India by Reliance JIO. This has resulted in unprecedented curiosity in people’s minds about all aspects of an industry. Therefore business people understand the importance of digital marketing.” Mr. Jha shared with us.


Alok has been in this field for the last couple of years but has seen so many ups and downs and the arrival and departure of many trends. He said that what he is best at is to get the business what they want and that is reach. He said, “If you have a loyal audience base, you can sell anything you want. Gone are the days when you first needed the product and then, distribution. Now what you need is distribution, a strong one and that is where the internet helps. Once you have a great distribution channel, you can introduce any product and it will sell. We know how to create a viral distribution channel. We understand how things work.”


Forever Media which has been in news for all the good reasons last year has revealed to us that there is many interesting things to come to the market which was unseen and unheard of by the Indian digital media industry. Especially, the development in the technologies such as AR and VR and the marketing using these technologies.


We were totally hooked to Alok Jha’s confidence as if he is making a precise prediction about the future, but we are sure about one thing and that is the future of this country is in safe hands. We wish Alok Jha who is also popularly known as Forever Alok all the best for his future projects.


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