Mourad Sebky Says That Entrepreneurs Should Hustle At An Early Age To Live Life Full Of Luxuries

Mourad Sebky

Luxuries in life do not simply come by dreaming. There goes a lot of sweat, blood and hard work behind living the life you once dreamt. Abu Dhabi-based serial entrepreneur Mourad Sebky’s life has been an adventurous journey so far. He loves to showcase his lifestyle on social media with all the exotic things. “As a child, I always looked at the pictures of the expensive cars and today I am the owner of all of them. Turning a dream into reality is a completely different feeling”, said Mourad.

There’s no doubt in saying that Mourad is looked upon as an inspiration by all the budding entrepreneurs. According to him, to taste success, one must start working at a young age. He said, “My perspective about life was very simple during college. Either enjoy partying at that time and later do a job, or hustle during those teenage days and live life of my dreams later. I chose the latter option and it was perhaps the best decision of my life.” Besides this, Sebky loves travelling but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has been in Abu Dhabi for quite a long time now.

To be precise, Mourad is has a collection of watches and shoes. Name any luxury brand and this guy has it in his wardrobe. Becoming a serial entrepreneur was a dream he had since childhood. Ever since technology evolved, this young man brought innovations in his works and got skilled in it. Apart from making his strong presence digitally, Mourad has uplifted many entrepreneurs and small scale brands on social media.

Today Mourad has got a powerful fanbase of more than 1 million followers on Instagram alone. Playing it smart, he is just not running businesses but also making investments in the best businesses. He believes that an entrepreneur very well knows where to invest money. Lastly, giving a bit of advice to all the aspiring business minds, Mourad Sebky stated that savings should be transformed to investments to make more money. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, things have become topsy-turvy and he hopes that people can make huge investments once there is stability in the financial markets. The wealthy entrepreneur is also associated with many charitable trusts for poor kids. He has built 2 schools in 2018 and plans to empower education in the years to come.

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