How the UK has become a global gambling leader

UK Gaming

Historically, residents of the United Kingdom have always enjoyed a bet and many of the major developments within the gambling industry have originated here. The first licensed betting shops arrived in the UK in the early 1960s and that is just one milestone that the region can claim.

It’s not just about sports betting: In the digital age, players in Britain can enjoy online casinos, bingo, lotteries and much more. That enjoyment, together with the abundance of choice helped the industry to produce over £14 billion in revenue in 2018. Those are impressive figures but, aside from the simple fact that many people love a wager, just why is the UK such a global gambling leader? 

Keeping it Simple

UK legislation relating to gambling laws helps to simplify the industry and this is a welcoming environment for sports betting companies and online casinos to operate in. Naturally, there are strict regulations in terms of safety and security but anyone wanting to trade from overseas can do so providing they meet the criteria.

A change in UK gambling tax laws also helped to streamline the industry. Prior to the new regulations, tax was paid at point of origin, but it’s now taken at point of sale. While the rules saw some providers withdraw from the UK market, it is certainly a fairer way to deal with the tax question and the sector has since stabilized.

The Gambling Act of 2014 is simple to follow and it applies to both online and offline gambling. While both options continue to be made available to players in the UK, the growth of online play is really boosting the market.

Overall statistics show that online gambling has the highest share of the market at a shade over 38%. Offline sports betting, casino play and lottery are among other forms of gambling that complete those numbers.

Uk Gaming

At Your Convenience

In this demanding digital age where every user wants immediate answers and instant results, it is vital for gambling companies to match that need for speed. All games, whether they are roulette, poker, slots, bingo or more, are easy to access and simple to play.

The level of convenience is increased by the availability of apps which should be free and fast to download. Players can then access their favorite titles with just a few taps of the screen. The pace extends to sports betting and all operators have worked hard to ensure that their platforms fit mobile technology and the experience is just as good whether the games in question are played on a small or large screen. All options are popular, and the choice is building all the time.

On the Cards

Bingo enjoyed significant growth in the 1960s and 1970s as players descended on local halls to claim a few cards. The game is quick and easy to play and a night at the bingo quickly became a great social occasion. It’s tricky to emulate that kind of atmosphere in the digital realms but operators now provide chat rooms where players can catch up with old friends and maybe meet some new ones.

The game of bingo also underlines how much of a part the element of choice plays in gambling’s development. In a physical bingo hall, it’s a case of one game and one card while in online rooms, the possibilities are almost infinite.

Take a spin!

The list of UK slot machine providers grow daily, and this is an area where technology has been able to combine with choice to make a perfect platform. Think of a fruit machine in a bar or a bricks and mortar casino and chances are you will be imaging a basic layout with a single, central pay line.

Those machines have been replicated in the online realms, but most slot machines are far more complex. With elaborate imagery and entertaining bonus rounds, online technology has enabled developers to produce far more thrilling titles than the physical world could ever allow.

Uk Gaming

Tables Turned

The benefits of technology and choice also combine at the card tables where new versions of roulette, poker and blackjack have been released. Operators can also link into live casinos across the world where real life dealers and croupiers can enhance the experience.

It is an impressive overall platform, but online gambling companies continue to innovate. Sports betting providers look for new ways to keep customers entertained and their efforts have led to additional options such as live betting and cash out.

Innovate to Thrive.

The UK does not have a monopoly when it comes to producing entertaining slot games and creative approaches to traditional betting but much of the new innovations have arisen here. Great Britain was at the forefront of the industry in the 20th century and continues to do so in the digital age.

Part of the reason behind the UK’s prominent position in the global gambling market relates to that demand. Many of the world’s oldest sporting events originated here and the interest in terms of betting has been passed down through generations.

A simple approach that allows operators to trade here is also important and, while legislation is strict, it is also seen to be fair. Finally, when a huge choice is added on top of those factors, it is easy to see why the UK continues to lead the way.

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