The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the UK

Big Ben clock - Image Thompson Reuters Trust
Big Ben clock - Image Thompson Reuters Trust

It is inarguable that the UK harbours some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world. Even against extremely difficult competition, the characterful countrysides and mountain ranges of our humble isles stand proud. It is, perhaps, for this reason that the recent rise in domestic holidays has taken so well.

While there are financial motivations behind many people’s decisions to skip the package holiday this year, there is also a great deal of wonder to be found on home soil. If you are planning a domestic trip of your own, and are open to experiencing awe on your travels, you might consider visiting even one of the following destinations – each of which harbour some of the most beautiful sights you will ever find.

The Cotswolds, England

We’ll start with the Cotswolds, a quintessential region of England from which much of its stereotypical stature is formed. This is a region of rolling hills, near-ancient village settlements and truly ancient fossils and artefacts – all spread across a generous 787 square miles of rural glory. The miles-long views of hills and glades are worth the visit alone, but the villages that stipple this land are where the magic lies. These settlements often predate the English Civil War, and bear the marks of time to prove it. This is English quaintness distilled.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, and one of the most majestic capitals you will ever visit. This is with small thanks to its verticality, as the historic majesty of Edinburgh Castle and the natural majesty of Arthur’s Seat together loom large over the old town.

This is a wonderfully characterful city at rest, with its incredible displays of gothic architecture and its multifarious city roads. It is a city rife with culture too, as exemplified by such idiosyncratic events as the Edinburgh Fringe festival and Edinburgh’s own new year celebration, Hogamanay.

Eryri National Park, Wales

Wales is a phenomenal holiday destination overall, thanks to the brilliant rural landscapes to which it plays host, and to the many historical and cultural delights nestle within them. However, there is one destination in particular that begs visitation: Eryri National Park.

Mount Eryri is the tallest peak in Wales, and the national park that surrounds it home to a plethora of incredible forests, moors and waterways. The reason you find so many static caravans for sale in North Wales is the majesty of Eryri, and undeniable allure of Eryri National Park as the backdrop for a holiday home. This beautiful land has something for everyone, from the mountain bikers to the hikers and far, far beyond.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Finally, we turn our attention to Northern Ireland, and to one of the most recognisable coastal formations in the western hemisphere: the Giant’s Causeway. This imposing coastal rock formation is steeped in myth, even if its scientific explanation is just as fascinating. The land around is quite simply a joy to explore, as is the whole of Northern Ireland’s incredible coast.

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