Amongst the talented singing artists who are on the rise this year is Victor X with his song ‘MY GIRL’.


    This amazing singing talent has given some major hits recently, which has secured his position amongst the best in the industry.


    We have seen that the majority of industries which are thriving in present times is due to the constant endeavors and contribution of the people working behind it who put in their best efforts to make sure their industries are at par with any other and emerge at a position which is commendable and globally recognized. Music industry comes as one such industry which has always stepped upwards since time owing to the presence of numerous talented artists that support it and work nonchalantly to make it thrive and grow constantly. These artists be it music producers, writers or singers have taken the industry to the next level through their exemplary work and undying passion towards the craft. One can say that due to the unending contribution of these selected artists, the music industry has been growing at a fast pace, surpassing others in the process. We have one such name who has done exceptionally well and has taken the music sphere to the next level with music that has received an overwhelming response from the listeners, he is VictorX.


    He has given some memorable tracks as a singer, out of which ‘MY GIRL’ has received an overwhelming response from music lovers, especially on digital music streaming platforms where it has garnered maximum streams. The kind of music he has been churning out has a distinctive style that has taken him to the next level, making him stand shoulder to shoulder with established names of the music industry, which is quite impressive for a singer who has just stepped in to prove his worth. We asked him how he feels looking at the wide appreciation he has been receiving for his work to which he answered, “I have always aimed at churning out songs which are unique and has a distinct style which can draw listeners attention, and that’s the reason my songs have been connecting well with the audiences.” As a singer, VictorX has done exceedingly well and is racing ahead of competition to achieve further success through his impeccable work.

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