Mohamed “Rated” Soliman on Why Winning the Intel Arabian Cup Was Important for Anubis Gaming

Mohamed Soliman
Mohamed "Rated" Soliman on Why Winning the Intel Arabian Cup Was Important for Anubis Gaming

The Intel Arabian Cup of 2020 was significant for many reasons. First of all, it allowed arabic gamers to showcase their League of Legends’ skills, one of the most popular multiplayer online games ever. Secondly, it enabled amateur gamers to test their skills against veterans. Third, it was the first tournament that Anubis Gaming won since its last won tournament in 2018.

The goal of the Intel Arabian Cup

The Intel Arabian Cup is the first tournament that brought together three of the world’s biggest brands: Intel, Lenovo, and Riot Games. This tournament had two objectives: first, to give amateur and professional gamers exposure to test their skills in a competitive environment. This tournament had teams participating from 13 different countries. It shows how massive the tournament was and why gamers became instantly excited about participating in it. This was the tournament that gave a platform for local talents to develop their gaming landscape.

The second reason was to attract substantial viewership through popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The experiment was so successful that more than 80,000 viewers tuned in to the channel to watch teams head to head to become the champion. Nearly 22,000 of these viewers watched the entire finale from start to finish. It gave the organizers an idea about the popularity of a League of Legends tournament.

The General Manager of Riot Games MENAI, Ali Muslumanoglu, said, “We are overwhelmed at the response we got both from the gamers and viewers. I would like to congratulate Anubis Gaming for winning the tournament. We always wanted to provide the best experience to everyone. And the number of views proves that our attempt was successful.

Rated on winning the tournament

Mohamed Magdy Soliman, popularly known as Rated, feels that winning the tournament was a giant stride for Anubis Gaming. More than 5,000 players and 1,000 teams participated in the Intel Arabian Cup. And it was a special feeling to emerge as the winner.

When asked about the importance of this win for Anubis Gaming, Rated said, “It feels special when you are the best team among 1,000. Anubis Gaming wasn’t winning any major tournaments since 2017. We knew we could make it big in tournaments but just couldn’t execute our plans on the big stage. Our co-founder, Mr. Joe, believed in us throughout and gave all the support we needed. This win will make an authoritative stamp that even a team full of Egyptians can win such a big tournament. That’s huge for us and our country.”

The other team members were also delighted to win the Intel Arabian Cup for the first time. Islam Ali, aka “Dattura,” said, “Rated played a big role in this win. He brought the team together and gave everyone individual responsibilities to fulfill. We then worked on our strategies regarding how we should play the game, who we will play around . That was the secret to winning the tournament.”

It’s hard to get an insight into a winning team because of the cut-throat competition. But Anubis Gaming not only shares their secret but also challenges others to compete against them. It’s this confidence that makes for a great winning team.

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