Your Guide To Minimalist Bedrooms – How To Achieve The Look

Your Guide To Minimalist Bedrooms - How To Achieve The Look

Minimalist bedrooms are the perfect option for anyone looking to simplify and sharpen their decor style. This bedroom decor style tends to be a lot less fussy than other options, but they’re also amongst the quickest to put together since you don’t actually need too much bedroom furniture to make it work.

Instead, most of the time spent in decorating a minimalist bedroom goes to re-organizing your space, and picking a layout that’s bare but still cozy enough to sleep in. To achieve a minimalist bedroom while keeping your space looking intentional, here’s a quick guide to getting things right:

Keep Things Cozy With The Right Sleep Set-Up

Finding the most comfortable mattress you can for your sleep is integral to a great bedroom. Some minimalist bedrooms go without a bed frame altogether, which makes finding a mattress that can stay well-circulated and comfy even on the floor of your space even more important.

If you have a smaller bedroom with limited space to work with, then you might want to consider investing in a bed frame that comes with an adjustable height option. This will allow you to store any excess clutter under your bed, in a more organized manner.

Choose A Calm Color Palette For Impact

Minimalist bedrooms are all about staying understated, and this applies to your color palette. Keep the tones of your space neutral, or monochrome, for a room where comfort and quality speak more than style does.

The idea you have to keep your minimalist bedroom quite neutral might stem from Feng Shui principles, where it’s believed to be best to stick to human or neutral tones to achieve your desired look.

Use Smart Storage Solutions For Less Clutter

Keeping clutter away from your space is a key part of getting minimalist bedroom decor right. You can do this using storage solutions that make the work of clearing your space up a lot easier.

If you have space, try and keep things as spare as possible so that you can make your bedroom work. Your bedside table, significantly, should have as little as possible – besides some light bedside reading and a night-lamp, you’ll want to take out any other distractions, including any reminders of work, which can only cause disruption to your sleep cycle. 

Let Plenty Of Natural Light In

One of the key aspects of most minimalist bedrooms is the focus on light and openness they have. Since most minimalist bedrooms don’t have a lot of bedroom furniture, bringing in plenty of natural light to your space will allow you to bring attention to hero pieces, and create a naturally open looking bedroom.

If you don’t have enough opportunities to let in some natural light, try mimicking it with mood lighting and bedroom lights that have brightness options. Using warm ambient lighting can create an effect similar to natural light within your space, and can also help create some natural coziness as you’re winding down for the night.

Don’t Litter Your Walls With Artwork

If you love your fair share of bedroom accessories, you’ll have to make the difficult choice of selecting just one to display in your minimalist bedroom. This is because too many knick-knacks and art can actually take away from the simplicity of minimalist space.

Narrow down to a few favorite pieces, or even just one hero piece, and you’ll find overall more attention and care goes into highlighting this accessory than if it sat amongst many others. With a little planning, minimalist bedrooms are an easy and effective way to keep your space looking sophisticated.


Happy decorating!

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