How to decorate on a budget

Living Room

Living RoomTHUNDER BAY – LIVING – Decorating your new house becomes a priority after you move in. Once all the essentials are put in their new places and everyone is settled in, you might feel like the place is still a bit empty, even though you’ve just finished putting together new IKEA furniture or bringing in your old one. That may be because you haven’t gotten around decorating yet. Decorating is very important because it’s the element that ties everything together and makes it stick. However, there are numerous reasons for which decorating can be quite the budget stretch for some. Maybe you’ve spent most of your budget on actually getting the new house and its new furniture. Or maybe you can’t afford to decorate both the interior and exterior, and you’re already looking up how to choose patio furniture. If either of those is your case, then you need to know how to decorate on a budget.

You might be surprised by how easy it can actually be, once you get into the groove of making your house look great with inexpensive items. So if you’re ready, let’s take a look at how you can decorate when money is a big issue.

Use leftover plates

If you have a beautiful plate set from your wedding that you don’t use, or have bought some nice plates that are just extras, you can use them to decorate. Hang them on your wall as a decorative piece. They’ve got all the necessary elements of a painting or other traditional décor element, thanks to their beautiful patterns. This is a great way to save big time on decorations, and it’s by no means a matter of settling for something inferior. Once you give it a try, you’ll see what we mean.

Use nature

Plants should never go missing from a home. They produce oxygen and clear the air, making it easier and healthier to breathe. They’re also amazing décor elements, as the natural green color of plants can be extremely soothing. The color green in general has been discovered to be the color with the most potent “soothing element”. Putting a bunch of plants in a room that needs a bit more life, like the bathroom for example, can do wonders for the place. Don’t neglect the hallway either, or the kitchen for that matter. You can buy many inexpensive plants that will do their part tremendously.

Make your own art

Often times, people hang painting on their walls that have no emotional value to them. But they look pretty nice and that blank spot on the wall needs to be covered, so there you go. However, there’s another solution. It’s both cheaper and more effective most times in covering the blank wall with something meaningful. Consider creating your own art. Having a family portrait on the wall could be fantastic for both parents and children. There are other types of art as well. You and your family could make simple yet effective paintings, such as filling a canvas with different colored handprints. As time passes, it will seem more and more valuable and a piece of memorabilia worth more than any store-bought painting. A lot cheaper, too.

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