What is the best cover for a duvet?


Bed linen is designed to provide a comfortable sleep, to protect the blanket, mattress, and pillow from dirt, and to create comfort. That is why it is important to know how to choose a duvet covers set. You can decide on the most suitable duvet cover according to variety, material, and size.

It does not matter if you prefer to buy sets or individual quality bedding, always pay attention to the cut of the duvet cover that you plan to purchase. The three most popular varieties are:

  • With a hole in the center. It is quite convenient to insert a blanket into it and it looks beautiful;
  • With a small hole on the side or bottom. Such a product better protects the blanket laid inside from dust and dirt;
  • With a large opening on the side with a zipper or buttons. Sets with a similar fastener option are convenient in that they allow you to quickly and better straighten the blanket inside.

Duvet cover size

The most difficult moment in how to choose a duvet cover for a blanket is the correct determination of the sizes of both products. If you bought a blanket recently, you can see information about it on the package. Otherwise, you will have to look for a label with markings on the side seams or even pick up a tape measure.

It is not difficult to choose the right duvet cover for the blanket, you just need to add 5-7 cm to the size of the blanket. Five centimeters is an ideal increase, as with it the blanket is in a fully expanded state, but there is no empty fabric at the edges and corners. Seven to ten centimeters already interfere a little, and if the linen is 10 centimeters larger, then it is quite inconvenient to use it.

Duvet cover material


Choosing bed linen is not difficult, but you need to focus not only on size but also on your own feelings. Moreover, here it is impossible to advise an unambiguous solution: someone is comfortable only on silk sheets, while others are cold on them.

Today you can find duvet covers from cotton, linen, silk, synthetic, and combined fabrics. Thus, you can choose what you like the most.

It is necessary to make the final choice of a duvet cover according to the criteria that are important to you. The only limitation here is not to use synthetic fabrics on children’s beds. Otherwise, you have complete freedom of choice. In addition, do not forget to study not only the main parameters but also the pattern of the product, because it is much more pleasant to sleep on linen of the color that you like.

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