Lewis Raymond Taylor: Turn Your Pain into Your Purpose

Lewis Raymond Taylor: Turn Your Pain into Your Purpose

Lewis Raymond Taylor is proof, no matter your conditions, it’s possible to change your life and turn your pain into your purpose.

Three prison sentences, mental illnesses, substance misuse, sexual abuse, bereavement, and even a suicide attempt, didn’t stop Lewis Raymond Taylor from not only transforming his own life, but the lives of thousands of others globally.

Lewis is an International Speaker, 7-figure entrepreneur, community leader, and is ranked in the top ten coaches in the world helping people thrive during the pandemic by Yahoo Finance. He currently lives in Bali, whilst running the world’s fastest growing online coaching platform, The Coaching Masters, a multiple seven-figure coaching business, with a global community, covering 47 different countries.

Change yourself to change your life

A lot of people wait for someone to save them. We’re good at blaming everyone and everything around us, and what’s hard for a lot of us is accepting things for how they are, and taking responsibility. It can be uncomfortable to admit we have the power to change ourselves, instead of believing we are powerless and continuing to suffer.

Lewis is a big believer in adversity being a lesson that can be turned into an asset. ”Once you make the shift between ‘Why is this happening to me?’ and turn it into ‘Why is this happening for me?’ – it allows you to take control of the situation and use it to drive you forward.”

For Lewis, this significant life point as he likes to call it happened when he was serving his third prison sentence for a violent crime. He realised he couldn’t keep blaming everything and everyone around him for why his life was so hard. It was at this point he decided to take responsibility for his life. “I understood that if I wanted my life to change, first, I needed to change myself.”

Take back your power one step at a time

Taking your power back requires the willingness to show up, even when it gets hard. It requires us to change the way we have been living in this world one small step at a time until it becomes our new normal.

Lewis knew he needed to radically transform the way he was living and from this point went on a journey of self-discovery. From counsellors, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and books; to distancing himself from friends and family; admitting himself into a 6-month, fully intensive, live-in rehabilitation treatment centre; and attending 12-step recovery drug and alcohol meetings every single day, Lewis took the power back into his own hands.

During this time Lewis realised how powerful his experiences were. Everything he had ever been through had been the world’s best life coaching training. So he became a qualified coach and started helping people by connecting with people through social media.

Within 8 months Lewis was earning a 6-figure income, and by the time he hit his first year in business, he was fully-booked, had an online community of thousands of people, and a monthly membership subscription service to cope with the demand of clients.

Listen to your environment

What a lot of successful entrepreneurs have over other business owners is they’re able to look for gaps within the market. It’s not just about a good idea these days. It’s about listening to your environment and providing a solution for it.

This is exactly what propelled Lewis to success. “I started to become inundated with requests from other coaches asking for my secrets of how I was able to rise to the top so quickly, so I told them, and then they got amazing results too!”

Lewis is now the Founder and CEO of The Coaching Masters, a 7-figure international coaching training platform and online community. The Coaching Masters qualifies, accredits and helps people become online coaches.

With a mission to provide ordinary people with extraordinary tools, to create freedom for themselves and others, Lewis is providing others with the very tools and strategies which liberated him; by coaching their way to freedom.

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