Preserved Flowers – The Beautiful and Sustainable Gift Option from Timeless Flower Design

Preserved Flowers – The Beautiful and Sustainable Gift Option from Timeless Flower Design

Whilst flowers are a beautiful and traditional gift to symbolise all kinds of love, their inevitable decay makes them short lived and wasteful. However, the preservation of flowers has recently emerged and has been met with popularity due to their longevity, cost-efficiency and lesser environmental impact than fresh flowers. Caryn Lim is a notable pioneer in the industry of dried and preserved flowers with 16 years of experience in weddings, 9 of which in floral design, making her exceptionally qualified as CEO of her company Timeless Flower Design.

“What if flowers didn’t die?” was a question Lim posed to herself whilst throwing away countless fresh flower arrangements after weddings were said and done. From there, she began Timeless Flower Design to reduce waste and help people to reduce their ecological footprint, beginning her company by being the first person in Montreal to design the Eternal Rose Bouquet. All of Lim’s preserved flower arrangements are designed with flowers that have gone through a delicate preservation process. They were preserved with non-toxic cosmetic chemicals such as glycerine and ethanol, making them the best eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers.

As the company progressed, Lim has made sure to always make the sustainable choice with regards to her tools to ensure as little environmental impact whenever possible. As the popularity of preserved flowers increases, so do Lim’s environmental and social donations, most recently, making a donation to Plant a Tree for every product sold.

Lim’s preserved flower arrangements are unique to her designs and have endless attention to detail applied to them before being sold. Arguably, the most important benefit of preserved flower arrangements is their longevity and strength. Lim’s flowers last for many years and don’t require any care, including water and sunlight, making them hassle-free. The flowers are also much more financially efficient than standard bouquets considering their long-lasting properties, making them a much better alternative gift.

Lim herself sends her bouquets as gifts, recently to frontline workers during the Covid-19 pandemic to thank them for their work. Preserved flowers, being an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable gift, are perfect for so many occasions that regular flowers tend to be given for. During the pandemic flowers have been especially important to decorate a home office for those working from home, with a sustainable option being the perfect solution to marrying beauty and sustainability. Wedding bouquets and flowers as gifts for graduations can be a perfect keepsake when they last longer than just a few days for brides, grooms, and graduates.

Timeless Flower Design is the perfect option for eco-conscious gift givers who would love to replace the gift of regular flowers with something more lasting. Lim’s goal is to limit environmental impact with her product and to provide people with the best option for gifts and decorating, financially, ecologically, and with regard to maintenance.

Timeless Flower Design has an online flower shop for all of their preserved flower arrangements. They have made it easily accessible for anyone looking for the perfect sustainable gifts.

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