Avidity To Become The Best In the Field of Entrepreneurship By Ajay Damraliya

Ajay Damraliya

They say that success comes to those who swedge for it, and Ajay Damraliya is a living example of it. Hailing from Surat, he started his career early, and today he is one of the most renowned business tycoons we have. He has achieved several milestones, and everybody wants to have a lifestyle like him. Ajay’s success may seem effortless, but only a few know the hardships behind it.

Ajay started making websites in the year 2012 with his friends. He was unaware that these sites could help him to earn finance when done the right way. Even though he came from a computer science background, he still didn’t understand anything about basic designing and server setup concepts. Determination to acquire knowledge worked in his favour, and he started researching stuff on the internet. Ajay upgraded his surfing skill when he got admission to Birla Vishwakarma College of Engineering. The usage of WordPress, Magento, and OpenCart is rising exponentially in today’s market, but unfortunately, his college didn’t include these in their curriculum. Ajay started learning on his own, and soon enough, his hard work started paying off.

With time, Ajay Damraliya excelled in creating sites and customizing them with plugins and themes. Building his network over social media helped him to connect with like-minded people and learn from their experience. In no time, Ajay started knowing about Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing.

With his newfound knowledge, Ajay Damraliya started working on his websites. With his zeal, he succeeded in ranking his very first blog website. After this moment, he didn’t have to turn back. Today he has started his new company named Maruti Web Solution. With his company, Ajay is determined to help people in every possible way and help him become the most successful Entrepreneur. Taking his company to new heights will be difficult for him, but we can say that his avidity will drive him to triumph.

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