Helping Black Women Find Their Way in a Vast Entrepreneurial World is Black Female Creator, Charlene Izere

Charlene Izere - the top black female creator

As a top black female creator, all of Charlene’s ventures are created to celebrate and uplift black women, all while putting more opportunities and money into their hands.

While it’s now common to see people entering the entrepreneurial space and chasing their dreams and aspirations, it can be difficult for those who come from less supportive communities and who aren’t provided with the same opportunities. However, going beyond all of this and redefining the entrepreneurial space with her acute business acumen, skills, and passion for helping other black women attain success is Charlene Izere, who has believed so strongly in herself and her undying mission from day one.

One thing that has set this multi-passionate business owner apart from others is the fact that she has always worked towards the vision in providing the right opportunities to other black women, becoming their partner in growth and success. Always future-focused with the black community at the forefront of all of her decisions, she makes relentless efforts towards becoming a successful woman in the business world – whose ideas, concepts, business values and understanding are now being considered as case studies by many other aspiring women entrepreneurs across the globe.

If it weren’t for her grit, passion, resilience and a strong mental fortitude, Charlene wouldn’t have reached the high level of leadership and entrepreneurship she has today. Having grown up in Rwanda, her humble family background had them move to the US in search for better opportunities and a higher quality of life. As a refugee with her mother and sisters, she went through a roller coaster of experiences and emotions every day, struggling to make ends meet. During this process, Charlene learned from a young age to understand the value of many things, which took her perspectives and understanding of the world to a whole new level.

Charlene knew that to survive, she would have to work multiple jobs to pave a bright future for herself in the world. After her graduation at the age of 22, she found employment in her first job in Boston. With empty pockets and no financial support from those around her, Charlene was determined to do anything and everything to set herself up for a better future. This led her towards becoming an online fitness coach, which helped her learn new business skills, which also helped her broaden her ideas on how to successfully scale a business. This was when she decided to start her own business, taking inspiration from the many life experiences she faced as a black woman. Charlene decided to create a business that contributed towards the greater good of black women. Now, she is one of the most sought-after black female entrepreneurs who has done the unusual and has created businesses that celebrate black women and puts more money and opportunities into their hands.

Charlene’s three ventures include Melanin and Money – a venture created for entrepreneurial-minded black women, Soulful Systems, a boutique online business management agency, and Wellness Delivered, a self-care and community care brand. All of these ventures work with the mission to help black women succeed and be brought to the forefront of their industries, all while helping them become financially independent.

Connect with Charlene on Instagram @charleneizere.


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