Abhishek Agrawal is the Right Stuff for Fitness Modeling Apart from Being a Fashion Blogger

Abhishek Agrawal Enjoys a Perfect Blend of Fitness modeling and fashion blogging

Abhishek Agrawal Enjoys a Perfect Blend of Fitness modeling and fashion blogging
Dubai, UAE

It takes a lot to be a fashion blogger. You are supposed to have a fair understanding of the fashion world, starting from the traditional to the contemporary trends. You need to know the art of expressing with powerful content and good stuff. Generally, the working professionals first establish as a fashion designer or model to become a fashion model. But then there are exceptions like Abhishek Agrawal, who first started his professional life as a fashion blogger and then entered into fitness modeling.

Besides having a good knack for fashion, Abhishek Agrawal is sure to be a fitness freak too. With regular gym and workout sessions, he was able to embark with a fit body thus leading him to showcase his photos on social media. It worked in a dual way, it also gave him the chance to work as a fitness model rather than being a fashion blogger. His graduation in Management from reputed institutes like Narsee Monjee Institute of Management in Mumbai along with the UK’s known university called University of Westminster also turned the table for him.

This gave him the exposure to establish strong in his field thus allowing himself to work as a stalwart in modeling as well. Abhishek Agrawal knew the art of impressing his target audience, which also included the brands who called him to endorse their products and market with fitness modeling. His exposure in Mumbai and in the UK during his master’s program in the University of Westminster also made all the difference. In a nutshell, Abhishek Agrawal is going great guns in fashion blogging and as a fitness model. His blogs also attracted young people from the modeling field and others to consider him as their mentor. This also helped him to emerge as a key fitness model along with a blogger who is now becoming an influencer on social media. He has a long way to travel, this is just his beginning.

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