FlexPro Meals is Setting the Standard For Other Meal Service Companies

FlexPro Meals

Let’s face it. We’re creatures of limited resources – specifically limited time and limited energy.  And as many of us know, preparing healthy meals for ourselves is a costly endeavor in both our time and our energy. Not only do we need to shop for ingredients, but we need to wash them, prepare them, and clean up the kitchen afterwards. And with the stresses of virtual work and remote learning leading to an increasingly hectic lifestyle, the temptation to pick up convenient fast food or prepackaged meals grows stronger and stronger. 

But these foods are frequently laced with hidden sugars, salts, and calories that can wreak absolute havoc on our bodies. Tired of having to decide between healthy eating and managing his workload, Nathan Corn decided that he, and millions of other people, could have both – through a solution he calls FlexPro meals. 

FlexPro meals prides itself on prioritizing health in its meals, but never at the cost of  flavor. What sets FlexPro apart from other meal service companies is the large variety people can choose from, with even dedicated foods for those on a keto diet. What’s even better is that each meal comes with a straight-forward label, listing all the ingredients, the amount of carbs, the calories, and other dietary measurements.  

From the absolutely luscious Homestyle Chicken & Mac, to the perfectly grilled Steak & Potatoes, to the excitingly zesty Tequila Lime Burrito, you’d have a hard time believing that each meal is packed with protein and manages to stay under 500 calories. 

Even those with a sweet tooth can get a healthy fix thanks to FlexPro’s Protein Bakery, offering delectable treats for those craving chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel. Each meal is freshly cooked and flash frozen to preserve its quality, then shipped on the same day to you by next day air. Never again do you need to choose between sticking to your diet or saving on time: just pop a meal into the microwave for three minutes and dig right in. 

Besides healthy eating and convenience, Corn is also dedicated to keeping his team and his customers happy. Or as he puts it: relationships come before profit.  “We believe that a long-term relationship with the customer is more important than our short-term profits. Our focus is not to earn profit from them, instead, we want to be a part of their lifestyle. 

Between customer referrals and with extra extension time, we are sure that it will come back ten-fold to us,” says the young entrepreneur. And Corn hopes that in providing that world class service, healthy diet and saving time will no longer be conflicting concepts, but  two harmonious parts that give people both more time and better health. Just like any other company, FlexPro has had its share of hurdles. But Corn is still going strong with his fifteen million-dollar business, and he has great optimism in FlexPro’s future thanks to his ‘people come first policy!

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