Stayclassy’s founders Jaydip Dholariya and Nihal Bhalala reveal how social media played its role in the growth of the e-commerce platform

Jaydip Dholariya

Social media has indeed changed the game of online business in recent times. Many businesses and online companies leverage social media to connect to the audience. Stayclassy, an e-commerce platform has made its way as a successful company today. It is an emerging name which majorly looks into the sales of mobile cases and covers. The website gradually expanded its product line by launching different products like T-shirts, mugs, watches and other customized products. Stayclassy is known for selling trendy products for youth and teenagers. Founded by Nihal Bhalala and Jaydip Dholariya, the e-commerce platform is known for its funky yet innovative products.

The two entrepreneurs left their career in engineering to start a business of their own. Jaydip is an IT engineer whereas Nihal is an electrical engineer who has earlier worked as an RF engineer with Bharti Airtel. The duo says that social media is always evolving with time and is not just limited to chatting or uploading photos. “There are many big e-commerce giants in the industry. We started 3 years ago but have come a long way. We picked up the niche by selling mobile cases and then introduced various other customized products. Marketing on social media helped the company grow and reach to the right target audience”, quoted Jaydip. Stayclassy over the last few years have won the trust of customers and has built a great fanbase on Instagram.

Initially, the e-commerce website had a hard time with COD being the only payment option. The company incurred losses when a few customers placed fake orders and returns. However, the prepaid mode of payment started giving almost 20,000 prepaid monthly orders. Nihal further speaking about marketing their brand through social media said, “Offers and discounts have always done wonders and social media makes it possible to have a direct connection with the customers. Spending money on social media ads have also proved to be significant role to reach the ideal audience.”

Executing the right strategies on social media has helped Stayclassy reach on the top of its game. Located in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad and Surat, Nihal and Jaydip hold diverse expertise. While Jaydip is a past master in IT and handles web development, backend support and digital marketing; Nihal has been responsible for production, packaging, shipping, customer support and product analysis. As of now, more than 550 thousand products have been sold on the e-commerce platform and the company is now flourishing with no looking back. To know more about some of the amazing customized products, check out right away.

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