Aditya’s Journey Of Learning And Teaching

Aditya's Journey Of Learning And Teaching

Aditya Kumar Sharma from his very childhood days has believed in choosing the road not taken. He has always been the kind of person who has created his own and dared to walk on it. 27 year old Aditya, today is a very well known makeup artist. From taking a professional course in his field at Balaji group of institutions, in small town of Faizabad to moving to the city of dreams, Mumbai tugain all the name and fame which he has wanted, is now very well known among the celebrity actors.

Today, Aditya has his own makeup studio in Lucknow named ‘Aditya makeup studio academy  and unisex salon’. Along with setting his foot he believes ine appraising and supporting the needy. He believes that “what you truly have is what you give”. Games free classes to the poor children.hiss is most of the passion and dreams are killed due to the lack of resources or true guidance. This makes him offer at least one student free of cost in every batch. Aditya feels immense pleasure unhappiness that he is fortunate enough to build his own life while improving the life of others. Orphan he gives free makeup seminar across all over India. Aditya is very well known for stage shows.

Uptil now, he has done stage shows in in Haryana ,Chhattisgarh ,Sonipat, Indore, Bilaspur ,Mumbai and Delhi. Generous Aditya Sharma has always wanted to give back to society. His students tell that he is is very humble and grounded. Many of them consider Aditya his role model. Throughout the training office advanced courses, price to enhance the existing training,providing students with knowledge and skill set for advanced makeup artistry, within the beauty industry. Aditya’s aim to provide students with a rich and personalized learning experience, that will help them become a professional makeup artist.

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