Sam Bertini and Aryaan Arora Found “Tabr” (The Arora-Bertini Report), Subsidiary of The Arora Company

The Arora Company

COO Sam Bertini and CEO Aryaan Arora have launched a new journalistic initiative.

What is Tabr?

The Arora Company, a Digital Media Publication and Marketing Consultancy firm, has launched  “Tabr”, also known as The Arora-Bertini Report. Although the founders are starting small with the burgeoning journalistic organization, they have their sights set on transforming it into a global news conglomerate.

“The sky is the limit for this initiative,” COO Sam Bertini, who is also a viral fashion model and published author, told us in a phone call. “We hope first to better serve our local community here in New York and New Jersey, but eventually we aim to make The Arora-Bertini Report an organization that serves the nation.”

CEO Aryaan Arora echoed Bertini’s optimistic tone. “We’re excited, for sure. The Arora Company intends to give back to the people who have helped us grow into what we are today.” 

The Objective of Tabr

“Our foremost aim is to publish news that promotes social causes and serves underprivileged communities in our local community. One issue we are particularly passionate about is covering the job market and how innovative entrepreneurs are enacting change by hiring individuals from marginalized groups. Our organization analyzes economic policy and proposes alternative strategies in lieu of the traditional tax cut. We also conduct interviews with both experts and everyday jobseekers to gain a holistic understanding of the topics we write about — seeking understanding from all angles is our intention.” – Sam Bertini, COO

A History of Philanthropy

This is simply the next evolution of The Arora Company’s expanding philanthropic efforts. The firm has already donated a portion of their profits to relief grants for communities most impacted by COVID-19, although the executives at the firm are focused on expanding these efforts to reach a wider pool of people. This course is certainly worthy of praise, and it will be interesting to see what direction the firm takes as it continues to grow. Will they launch more initiatives? Will they expand into other industries? Bertini and Arora did not comment on these questions, but time will tell.

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