Zeel Thacker: Setting New Trends In Digital Marketing

Zeel Thacker

“If it takes a man 4 hours to chop down a tree, he should spend the first 3 hours sharpening the axe”. This is what the 17-year old digital maestro, Zeel Thacker had entrusted his mind with, before entering into a field of probabilities and far away from the comfort zones that a 9 to 5 job offers.

Zeel Thacker, could easily have confirmed himself to the comforts of a normal job, where he could have a defined source of income and a proper personal life. But Zeel is someone, who always tends to choose the path different from the one that’s normally taken. He wants to experiment with the talent that he possesses and make sure that it doesn’t get wasted trying to hide behind the boundaries that life poses to him.

He has been offering services with his specializations in YouTube marketing, SEO building and online advertising with the help of Google AdSense. He has also worked to help recover many hacked social media pages of artists. Such an achievement at a young age of 17 is something to be highly appreciated.

For him, Tiktok is not just an entertainment platform. Through his constant effort and dedication he has earned 3 lakhs from Tiktok alone.
He has also managed to earn about Rs.80,000 from Facebook alone and has earned 2-3 lakhs from instagram alone.

In a competitive world like now, Zeel seems to know that he can’t survive repeating the same old methods, ideas and tactics to engage with his customers and clients. As every business requires specific attention in terms of marketing and promotion, he makes sure that he has something variety and challenging to offer every time he works on a project.

He is quite particular in staying creative and differentiating himself from his competitors with his signature methods and strategies to help engage the business firms to a larger population through online marketing. He says, ” I always keep my ears close to the ground. I take care that I use competitor and market data to keep my business competitive. That’s the main reason behind my sustenance in the marketing field.”

Through embracing a culture of continuous improvement and rectifying and setting up new methods to promote various brand and their businesses, he wants to create new trends for the new age digital marketing through his efforts and wants to be known among the people for creating a difference.

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