Bespoke CBD Brand Solutions Company Be Natural, Inc. Partners with Celebrity Trainer Jonathan Howard to Incorporate CBD Use in Athletic Recovery

Bespoke CBD Brand Solutions Company Be Natural, Inc.

In 2018, NBA All-Star and four-time champion LeBron James revealed that he spends over $1.5 million a year on taking care of his body. Now more than ever, the care and upkeep of the health of professional athletes all over the world have become the highest of priorities for major market sports clubs and teams. Athletes and trainers now go to great lengths, experimenting with a litany of solutions, products, and types of training in order to maintain health and mobility as well as improve performance. One of the latest approaches is the use of CBD.

Celebrity and pro-athlete trainer, Jonathan Howard of Sparta Academy Los Angeles, sees a wide demographic of clients including supermodel Kaia Gerber, esteemed Hollywood director Ridley Scott, and NFL tight end Julius Thomas. His training includes MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Muay Thai Kickboxing, toning and sculpting, weightlifting, and cross training.  With such a range of methods and clients, Jonathan has stayed on the cutting edge of how to mitigate the stress on muscles and joints to avoid injury.

“Recovery is extremely important to help people reach their full potential,” says the undefeated kickboxer and Pan-Am International Jiu-Jitsu Gold Medalist.

Jonathan has forged a relationship with Be Natural, Inc., a bespoke health and wellness solutions company, to develop CBD products for use on his clients. He has been trialing a variety of Be Natural products with his clients depending on their particular area of need, whether for muscle aches, joint pains, or as a natural sleep aid.

In a mutually beneficial arrangement, Be Natural relies on the expert sports and fitness advisor to help them devise premium quality products to offer their own customers. And Jonathan is able to maximize potential among his clients by incorporating the best quality natural CBD products.  

With expert advice from Jonathan, Be Natural continues to innovate new CBD products, fine-tuning and improving their overall quality across all of their product line. And as Jonathan continues to integrate CBD products for recovery among his clients, the sports medicine and recovery industry gradually assimilates to CBD use.

“Our top priorities have always been, quality and results for the end user,” says Be Natural CEO, Billy Alcott, “Whether it’s our own products or a brand we are building our goal is the same— provide our customers with the best product possible.”

For more information on Be Natural and how you can build your own line of CBD and wellness products, visit their website. And to learn more about Jonathan Howard and his training, visit the Sparta Academy website.

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