OmeCare: Personal Health Management at Your Fingertips


In a world where ubiquitous fitness trackers and numerous health-monitoring gadgets passively record our physical parameters—such as heart rate, calories burned, blood oxygen levels, etc.—yet provide little guidance for how to actually improve our physical well-being, OmeCare offers immeasurably more. Its proprietary app dietgene turns your smartphone into a proactive health management device packing a wealth of scientifically sound, highly usable, and actionable wellness and health management information and advice.

The app is in fact a professional tool that can be used by anyone who aspires to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is the result of some 10 years of research conducted by leading physicians, nutritionists, and scientists with the goal of creating a personalized nutritional plan for individuals based on each person’s unique set of DNA data. The DNA-based lifestyle along with nutritional recommendations and tracking tools was issued a US patent. The precise nutrition and physical activity guidelines in dietgene are based on the DNA testing that OmeCare conducts by analyzing some 33,000 genetic markers. Competitors generally rely on a broader, though generic, set of DNA data—a template—whereas OmeCare opts for a narrower range of markers, zeroing in on delivering the most precise scientific advice for a healthier lifestyle. The journey begins once you get your DNA test results.

“Taking a DNA test is just the first step of many to unlock your genetic potential and improve your overall health,” says Dr. Michael Nova, OmeCare’s Chief Innovation Officer, and co-founder. “By designing health plans based on both your genetic makeup and your individual lifestyle, the dietgene app makes healthy living dynamic, and a higher standard of care possible,” Nova adds.  With the dietgene app, you can use the information in your results to customize your unique fitness and nutrition plan.

Dietgene incorporates personal genetic data, collected and analyzed by OmeCare, and generates nutrition reports that guide to a proper diet based on one’s medical condition, habits, and blood test results. The integration of the blood test results into the genetic dataset provides a more complete and personalized action plan for a healthier lifestyle. Since the set of DNA data remains unchanged, the additional variable of a blood test makes the lifestyle and nutrition recommendations even more valid and precise.

“The app gives you a distribution of the nutrients—carbs, fats, etc.—you should be consuming according to your activity, your body needs, and medical conditions. The process is controlled by the company’s proprietary AI which was created with a view to combining this data together in order to create those recommendations,” further explains Dr. Nova of dietgene’s algorithm.

What makes the dietgene recommendations all the more valuable, is the fact that OmeCare never recommends anything that was not peer-reviewed, double-checked, or approved by the responsible scientific community.


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