Dr. Elena Eustache is the Love Coach Women Desperately Need

Dr. Elena Eustache

What is the main reason people break up or get a divorce? Why does romance fail to last? The answer is simple, lack of polarity. We cannot both take the masculine role in a relationship because arguments and competition will ensue, thus obliterating any existing chemistry. We cannot both be feminine either, as nothing will get done and when we talk about feelings all the time, creating a relationship to the essence of two roommates. We must achieve an equilibrium of feminine and masculine energy that complement each other, thus enhancing romance. Dr. Elena Eustache is the encyclopedia of love, and she wrote her book, “How to be Feminine”, in order to solve the polarity problem. Dr. Eustache seeks to to teach women how to get back their feminine energy after a long day at work, in order to maintain the spark that leads to long lasting romantic relationships, or even marriage. This can get confusing especially when looking at personality types, as a woman has 7 different types of personalities, only one of which is feminine. The same holds true for men, as there are 6 different personality types, only one of which is masculine. In the modern world, women have lost their feminine aura, and men have become less masculine. Dr. Eustache is very passionate in changing the contemporary social dynamics, as she believes that in order to restore relationships and marriages, a polarity of femininity and masculinity must be present in a couple to bring back the lost spark, as well as the element of love. In her book, Dr. Eustache dives deeper into the polarity problem, teaching men to be masculine, and women to be feminine.

Many people have attained tremendous success in their life, whether that be: money, status, beauty, fame, or astounding notoriety in their respective field, however, they are missing the elusive, and all-encompassing ingredient of love. Human biology is designed to have an innate craving for love, no matter how illusory or frightful that idea may be, it is a requisite element for our well-being and happiness. Many wise individuals say that God is in relationships, mainly of those relationships that are based on the unbreakable bond of love. Love is a concept that seems to have been lost in popular culture, as it is something that takes persistence and dedication, a seemingly outdated idea in the modern world. It takes two to tango, and it seems that both men and women have shifted their focus to self-enhancement and the accomplishment of personal goals, rather than the formation of a bond that can lead to a traditional family. Feminism has become a byproduct of the masculine driven world we live in, and has created a lack of polarity between the sexes. Woman are becoming more goal-driven and career oriented, as they can achieve the same financial rewards that men can, as evidenced by the narrowing of the financial wage gap between women and men. The media continues to push the idea of feminism onto women, and although this idea has many positive qualities, it alleviates the necessary polarity required to achieve the transcendent theory of love. In our contemporary world, things like technology create a drastic lack of polarity, where in turn, love begins to dissipate altogether. Human ingenuity has created dating apps where both men and women can mindlessly swipe through hundreds of pictures in minutes, a very surface level approach to romance that has created a society that is engulfed in quick and meaningless gratification. Love takes time, getting to know the qualities of the other person, and forming an unbreakable bond. The modern dating apps are at the opposite end of the spectrum, where a person has so many options to go through, in brief amount of time. This “swiping” phenomena has led to members of the opposite sex prioritizing instant gratification, fleeting sexual encounters, and temporary validation. Where is love in this equation? The answer is that it is nowhere to be found, however, Dr. Eustache seeks to infuse this traditional idea back into a culture secretly craving for something greater. Dr. Eustache firmly believes that lack of polarity is the reason for the absence of that magical spark, or the stomach butterflies two people feel when they are in a relationship, or even married. She wants to enlighten modern women with the art of femininity, this is why she has written her book, “How to be Feminine”. Her book helps women understand and love themselves, it also shows women how to have long lasting and loving relationships with their loved ones. For women that have just had their heartbroken, or continue to suffer from heartbreak from a previous relationship, Dr. Eustache has created an empowering ten step guide that is sure to cure a broken heart. Her book serves as a manual for restoring the transcendent power of love back into a woman’s life, and is a must read for women suffering from the love bug. If you seek a relationship that will last a lifetime, and that will tremendously influence your happiness and have a positive impact on your life- “How to be Feminine” is your solution. You can find Dr. Eustache’s impactful and life changing book on Amazon or Kindle.

Dr. Eustache has also created a masterclass- titled “How to be Feminine”. It is scheduled for release in January 2021, and takes a more in-depth look at the issues she presents in her book- the masterclass will be available on Tony Robbins’ Mastermind platform. Both of her projects help women focus on happiness, health, forming boundaries between work and relationships, and serve as an overall guide for women on how to create loving relationships. Dr. Eustache has embarked on a love quest to heal our deep wounds, and her book and masterclass for women are just two of the magic elixirs at her disposal.

Dr. Eustache has another powerful elixir to solve the love ailment that plagues or contemporary world, it is called Love the App. This app is significantly different from the popular dating apps that are on the market today, and is sure to be a ground-breaking solution in fostering traditional dating. Love the App has a specific structure, tailored to help the user attain prosperous relationships. The app is created in a way where a user must first select from three distinct choices: committed relationship, marriage, or marriage with children. This eliminates potential confusion, and promotes a direct channel for connection of like-minded individuals. This narrows down Love the App’s large database to a specific pool of users, where they can be direct with each other, upfront and honest. Love the App is for people from every aspect of life, it can be used by a famous Instagram model, or a shy girl living in a remote part of the country. The app will also feature a matchmaking service, along with a higher-end, and more exclusive version for those individuals who have everything in life, and love is the only missing ingredient. The app is sure to be a hit as Dr. Eustache is an expert relationship coach and love advisor, and is seeking to use her immense knowledge to become a matchmaker. She has had a plethora of success in helping a wide range of people find love- celebrities, models, CEO’s, Silicon Valley Executives, and even members of the royal family have found love, all thanks to Dr. Eustache. The love coach is shaking up the way people date, brining love back into a hopeless society, aiding in the formation of happy marriages, as well as families, for generations to come.

Dr. Eustache is the CEO of the Eustache Institute, the institute is a wellness and beauty clinic which offers women an array of services that target the promotion of behavioral health, which help women prioritize their happiness, health, and create a feminine glow that will create lasting relationships. A healthy relationship is a great foundation for the ultimate goal, a family with children. Dr. Eustache wants to show that women are not alone in this daunting society that puts fleeting physical encounters on a pedestal, and she has made it her mission to help women find equilibrium between a successful career, and a great relationship with a potential soulmate. The contemporary love doctor is changing the world with her endeavors, and her efforts will surely leave a lasting footprint on the re-birth of love in the digital age.

To join Dr. Eustache in her love revolution, check out her website- www.elenaeustache.com or her IG page @dr_elenaeustache_ . To reap the many benefits of the Eustache Institute, you can visit www.eustacheinstitute.com. If you are missing love and ready to find your soulmate, check out www.lovetheapp.com

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