The Re-birth of Femininity and Love

Dr. Elena Eustache

We live in a society that continues to advocate for female independence, and promotes women to be self-sufficient and career-oriented, through the concept of feminism. However, relationship coach and love expert, Dr. Elena Eustache, seeks to bring back the feminine side of women, as well as love, something that has seemingly been lost, as a woman’s career-driven focus is at the center of our current culture. Dr. Eustache is in the process of filming a masterclass that will be available on Tony Robbins’ Mastermind platform. This class is focused on showing women how to create boundaries, focus on their health and happiness, thus leading women to access their feminine charisma, and find the long last art of love. Sure, it is great to be a successful and independent woman, but it is also of monumental importance for a woman to be in touch with her feminine side, and be able to find true love. The modern world continues to push the idea of feminism, and many women begin to feel lost because of the social norms associated with this concept. Dr. Eustache wants to change all that, ultimately helping women find true happiness, through ever-lasting love.

Dr. Eustache has a plethora of experience as a love coach and relationship expert, and she is ready to become a match-maker, as she has helped a wide array of people find love. She has worked with a diverse clientele base, with members of high society like: celebrities, athletes, high-powered executives, and members of royal families. Dr. Eustache is looking to change the culture of dating through her new app, Love the App. All of today’s popular apps are centered around instant gratification, which promotes the hook-up culture, and leads people in a direction which is at the polar opposite end of the spectrum- from the beautiful and mystical concept of love. Our culture has people focusing on aesthetic appeal and quick extraction, to feel validated, and quickly move on to the next person. This process darkens the soul and makes love a thing of the past. Feminism, not femininity, furthers this awful trend as modern apps make it more and more difficult for women to find love. Although sex is quick and gratifying, it often leaves people empty and confused, looking for something deeper and more meaningful. Love takes time, getting to know one another, and being direct with the opposite sex. People are overloaded with messages on modern dating apps, and the tempting validation and gratification through physical encounters makes people forget about investing their time into a much more beautiful, and desired outcome, love.

Dr. Eustache has tailored Love the App to set expectations from the onset, where a user must set clear goals for what they are looking for, before accessing the many potential life partners they can be matched with, via Love the App’s immense database. A user must choose from relationship, marriage, or marriage with children. This provides a bedrock foundation for the individual, and helps the app match someone who is of the same mindset. Love the App is for everyone, from a country girl, to top model, and even a prolific individual of status. Love the App will offer a form of exclusive online dating, with a matchmaking service, and an exclusive form of membership- for those who are serious and in dire need of Love. Whatever the case may be, for any individual from any walk of life, Love the App will be a valuable solution for the quest for love.

Dr. Eustache is the CEO of the Eustache Institute, a wellness and beauty clinic that offers a multitude of services to help inspire the formation of relationships, as well as promoting behavioral health. Dr. Eustache is also in the process of writing a book, “How to Be Feminine”, slated for release in January 2021. Her book parallels many of the same ideas of health, happiness, femininity, and an overall guide of how to find love in the modern world. Dr. Eustache is the contemporary Love Doctor, and will definitely help re-shape our culture, fostering relationships that lead a lost society, back into the light, with Love.

To learn more about Dr. Eustache and her endeavors, please visit, and check out her Instagram page @dr_elenaeustache_

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