Tips From The Sawaya Law Firm For Attending A Virtual Book Club


A book club, also known as a reading club, is simply a group of readers that gather together to discuss a particular book. Traditionally, however, a book club includes several regular members who meet consistently in person to talk about a literary work by chapter. It’s fun to attend a book club, especially if you’re an avid reader. While burying your nose in a good book is often seen as a solitary activity, a book club incorporates this personal hobby into a social one. 

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, however, you might’ve missed hanging out with like-minded people who enjoy journeying into other worlds through the pages of a book. Fortunately, today’s technology has paved the way for virtual book clubs, such as the one organized by The Sawaya Law Firm, where people can join an in-depth discussion of various types of literature.

Watch the video of the firm’s very own Michael Sawaya as he talks about the first two chapters of The Power of Principled Inclusion in their virtual book club.

Book Club gathering

Meanwhile, these are some tips if you’re planning to attend a book club:

  1. Know Your Preferences 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to book clubs. It will always boil down to preference. While this group caters to a specific hobby or interest, the field is a relatively broad one, so you should identify your partialities first since this can help you filter your options.

For instance, you might be someone who enjoys fictional literary works. With this, you should look for a club that reads those kinds of materials. Otherwise, you’d be bored to death listening to a discussion on non-fiction books. 

An excellent way to circumvent this dilemma is to look for book clubs that talk about your favorite author or, at the very least, genre. This way, you’ll be sure to enjoy whatever the reading assignment is for that month. Additionally, some book clubs may require a membership fee. You might want to take this aspect into consideration, specifically whether you’re fine with the cost or not.

  1. Try Joining Different Groups

If you feel that you’re relatively flexible when it comes to the type of reading material, you can go for the experimental approach. Try searching for various virtual book clubs and join them once. This process can give you first-hand experience of what it’d be like to join these club regularly. You’ll get to know the members and the dynamics of the group. You can go with different crowds and see where you feel most comfortable.

The format of the club is also a factor to consider. You may find that following a YouTube channel works best for you. For some, video conferences are more efficient and engaging.

  1. Determine Your Goals

Choosing and attending a book club also relies on your objectives. Your goals can be as straightforward as wanting to finish a couple of books during this time of isolation or as complex as learning a new skill each month. Regardless of your end goals, a book club can make this endeavor more bearable. This is because you’re in the company of people who are as eager to learn as you.

Book Club gathering
Read the books…
  1. Read The Books

Finally, once you’re set to join a book club. You should make sure to fulfill the basic requirement for membership, which is to read the materials. The point of this group is to provide an avenue for discourse about works of literature, so you should comply and share your insights during the meetings.

It won’t be a struggle to finish a book that’s interesting for you. However, the challenge would be in reading all the chapters of one that doesn’t capture your attention during the first few pages. Nonetheless, keep an open mind and give it a chance. Who knows?  The ending may surprise you.

  1. Be Consistent

You’ll learn many things when you join a book club regularly. First, you can study the book more deeply because you can hear different perspectives from the other members. Next, these opinions can also help you understand the people in your group.


Joining a book club is enjoyable if you’re an avid reader. The process is made even more comfortable and convenient with the use of today’s technology. Nowadays, you can attend a virtual book club in the comfort of your own home. You can choose between watching a discussion on YouTube or participating in a video conference with other members. You should identify your preferences and goals to find the best group for your needs.

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