5 Pieces of Essential Protective Gear Your Kids Need While Dirt Bike Riding

5 Essential Protective Gear Your Kids Need While Dirt Bike Riding
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If your child is borderline obsessed with riding dirt bikes, the first thing you need to invest in is their safety. You and your excited child may have managed to pick the right dirt bike, but before they throttle that engine, you have to make sure that they are protected by the best kids motocross gear in the market. Your child is most likely to prioritize the riding adventure over their safety, but it is your responsibility to educate them on the importance of wearing kids motocross gear and equip them with the best possible protective kit.

With your child’s first ride, you can expect multiple stumbles and falls. But there is nothing to worry about, every person who takes up dirt bike riding has to go through an initial hazing phase from the sport. Even the best riders in the world still fall and crash from time to time. These professionals always wear the best protective gear while riding, which reduces their chance of serious injury from exhaust burns, bumping into other riders, debris hits, or simply falling off the bike. All of this is just a part of the learning process. The good news is, they learn quickly from their mistakes.

While riding, your kid’s motocross gear will protect the most vulnerable parts of their body that not only helps in preventing a serious injury but also allows them to maintain razor focus on the track. Kids motocross gear usually includes the following:

  • Boots
  • Goggles
  • Helmet
  • Pants
  • Gloves

Let’s see their utility and why they’re essential.


In terms of necessary protection, dirt bike boots are extremely important, considering that legs get damaged the most from crashes. These riding boots offer maximum protection for feet, ankles, and calves. We recommend you to buy boots that fit perfectly to your child’s feet. Don’t go for a loose one as they may distract and not snugly wrap around the feet, but also avoid going for one’s that are too tight, so as to prevent the risk restricting the blood flow during rides.


Dirt bike goggles protect the eyes from dust particles and small flying debris. These goggles are manufactured according to the size of a helmet to appropriately fit the head of the rider. They may seem not too important to wear but know this, they play a significant role in protecting the eyes from the inevitable flying dirt, pebbles and debris on the track.


Be it dirt bike riding or a simple ride in the neighbourhood, helmets are extremely important. A helmet surely takes some time for getting used to, but it is all worth the safety it provides. Before buying a dirt bike helmet, keep in mind the size of your child’s head. Ensure that the helmet makes their head feel well secured and comfortable.


Riders can wear jeans or joggers of their choice, however, dirt bike pants are a better choice. They are comfortable, light, and most importantly prevent your legs from getting warmed up underneath all that heavy gear. Dirt bike riding takes a lot of work and energy that results in overheating of the body which is uncomfortable for the rider and may distract them from the road.


Every rider needs a pair of gloves for protection and safety. Gloves not only give an attractive and complete look to the overall outfit but also play a vital role in protecting your child’s hands. We recommend buying gloves that come with the overall gear, buying them separately would cost you more.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to dirt bike gear, there is no such thing as “over-protection.” Although it may get a little uncomfortable and restrictive for the rider to wear a ton of protective gear initially but sooner or later, your child would get used to it and would be extremely safe and prepared for anything going wrong. Because in the end, you can only rule the tracks, if you can rule your own safety.

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