Collin Maronese Makes Motocross Dream Come True

Collin Maronese (178) catching big air at the KBMX track - Photo by Guy Gascoigne

Collin Maronese (178) catching big air at the KBMX track - Photo by Guy Gascoigne
Collin Maronese (178) catching big air at the KBMX track – Photo by Guy Gascoigne
Walton, Ont. – Thunder Bays’s Collin Maronese just made his dream come true. The 21-year-old dirt bike racer has qualified for the largest amateur motocross race in Canada, the 24th Annual Parts Canada TransCan Canadian Motocross Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway. Maronese has earned one of just 42 qualifying positions in the 450 Junior and MX – Open class.

“The Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Championship at Walton Raceway is the event every motocross racer in Canada aims to compete in,” said Event Director Mark Perrin. “A win at the TransCan Amateur Grand National Championship gives a rider instant National notoriety and can serve as a springboard to a lucrative professional motocross career.”

Most of Canada’s top professional motocross racers, including 2014 Canadian Motocross Champion’s Colton Facciotti and Kaven Benoit, have won Parts Canada TransCan Canadian Motocross Grand National Amateur Championships at Walton Raceway at some point before becoming professional. The race is so prestigious that for the first time ever in Canadian Motocross the Final Amateur day of racing, Saturday, August 15th will be streamed LIVE online.

With the help of sponsors such as Focus NDT, One Industries and Vemma Nutrition Co, who help pay his way to the races, Maronese has had the opportunity to pursue this life long dream. He has won 10 races in the last 2 seasons and competes / trains in the Northern Ontario series every week. Health and nutrition is the number one aspect in this sport, and Maronese has a dream to pursue his career helping racers and people of all ages’ fuel their bodies with the right nutrition and establish the right game plan to accomplish their dreams racing motocross.

Maronese will make his second journey to Walton Raceway along with his father Rob Maronese, who is his biggest supporter and mechanic, his mother Sylvia Maronese, sister Alyssa Maronese, and a few relatives / friends who live in the area and who are also racing the championship. Maronese and his family attended Walton in 2013 racing in the 250 C class even though he was racing on a fractured foot, his determination and passion for the sport kept him going. He hopes this time he will be fully prepared. The amateur races run Wednesday, August 12 – Saturday, August 15, with the final Pro Race of the Rockstar Energy Motocross Nationals happening Sunday, August 16, 2015.

Maronese is just one of the hundreds of racers from coast to coast that spent the last three months qualifying for the TransCan. The top finishers in regional qualifiers earn a berth into the Parts Canada TransCan Grand National Championship race at Walton Raceway. Racers may enter a wide variety of classes, from 50cc Pewee classes for children as young as 4 years old, all the way up to a Plus 40 and Vet division for riders over 40 and 50 years old. There is also a class for women and classes for all bike sizes up to 450cc.

The track is built in what is known to most as “Motocross Town” in the quiet village of Walton, Ontario. The racing track contains a variety of jumps, corners and other obstacles designed to test the skills and stamina of the racers, as they can fly up to 30 feet in the air and a distance of more then 100 feet.

Most riders attend the event with the help of their families. In fact, many groups consider the event their family’s summer vacation. Besides races, the Walton Facility features a campground, bicycle park, mountain bike trails, a high ropes challenge course and more. Walton Raceway provides a family-friendly facility with nightly activities for everyone, as well as Friday Night Concert, with Canadian Country Music up and coming star Brett Kissel.

More Information About The TransCan

In 1992, the TransCan was created as Walton Raceway would hold an annual event drawing on all the best things in the sport, an annual coming together for bragging rights, a celebration of Canadian Motocross. The TransCan was built from a great natural track, strong community support, accessibility and support from the Industry. The emphasis was to be real outdoor style motocross, highly competitive with lots of extracurricular attractions and opportunity for the best Canadian racers in all age classes to compete against each other for a Canadian Amateur and Pro Motocross Championship.

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