Beyond Dr. Ali AlSaqoby Pretty Face Is An Outstanding Polymath That Is Inspiring The World With His Lifestyle Of Greatness!

Ali Alsaqoby

With his exotic model like good looks, gorgeous green eyes and perfect hair style, there’s no doubt that Dr. Ali AlSaqoby also known as the ‘hot dentist’ to his almost one million combined following in social media, is soft on the eyes.

But Dr. Ali AlSaqoby isn’t just a pretty face — he’s a certified dentist having a Masters in dental surgery degree that followed his completion of dentistry studies in the UK as a former dental scholarship student.

According to Dr. Ali AlSaqoby recent Snaps he is still working passionately with patients and eagerly training newly graduated dentists to help them improve their skills in treating patients.

It is seemingly obvious, that this gives him joy as a philanthropist but this is not the only thing of his outstanding lifestyle that he is sharing to social media, as he is also showcasing the lavish part of it that is to many could be a cause for envy! But also has already been seen as an effective source of motivation for millions to aim high and work hard!

It goes without saying that being a top social media influencer is just a small part of what this star from Kuwait has proved himself superior in as he is also, incredibly talented as an entrepreneur, book author and athlete.

Making him the “ultimate polymath” as quoted by international business times and serving as a “global inspiration” according to tech times. Thanks to his world class achievements that he managed to obtain via utilizing his talents through his hard-work and determination in the fields he is involved in leading to his numerous and worldwide spread in the news.

Creating an elite niche of “doing it all” perfectly has screamed inspiration to many! You’ll never know something is possible unless you see it get done as an example. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is not only setting the example, he is the living example!

Lets acknowledge that many bright minds avoid pursuing dentistry or medicine fearing the student lifestyle would rob them their hobbies and interests as according to his previous statement in Snapchat for his followers:

“Unfortunately, some bright minds and talents divert from pursuing dentistry or medicine perceiving that the process will stop them pursuing their hobbies and interests”

And added:

“I am here to show you what I wanted to previously see and that is, it is possible!”

Making Dr. Ali AlSaqoby a great example of inspiration in which he enjoys preaching to his loyal large fanfare that literally everything can be done!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby – early life as a child prodigy gifted with brains and elite physical abilities.

Unlike most great people that has achieved big coming from a humble or rock bottom beginning. Dr. Ali AlSaqoby came from a luxurious beginning derived from being part of a well-established family in Kuwait. Making his strive for the best even more inspiring!

I mean, would you be motivated to achieve let alone create world class achievements when your family can easily secure you a bright future and finances?

For most the answer would be no! as human nature would point towards the most comfortable option, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby absolutely turned his back to the comfortable option and chose to face the most challenging option with all his will and passion, embarking the difficult path of making his name iconic in every path or major he takes becoming an ideal example for others to follow!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby – incredible professional soccer player turned soccer freestyle veteran that is performing and competing globally!

Having superior talents as an athlete coupled with superior intelligence supported by being labelled as “middle east most intelligent man” by science times due to having multiple honorary academic scholarships and earning the second most talented dental student award. If not impressive enough! Think of this was all done whilst being a professional athlete that is performing worldwide as per being highly demanded by brands and causes!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby was the early adapters of the game of soccer freestyle (Relatively new sport involved solely with performing impressive and entertaining moves with soccer ball) transitioning to it as a former soccer player.

As a former soccer player he was always been spoken highly of by his coaches that noticed his potential and predicted he will take Kuwait national team to the next level. They have noticed his outstanding skills in the field being no ordinary kid that significantly outperformed his peers and seniors.

The transition to the thing, that he excelled most on, and that is soccer freestyle was forced as his unexpected injury pushed him towards this path due to injury limiting his movement in field! Making soccer freestyle the only option! But this in turn, was a blessing for him, as he pursued this path of performing skills.

He immediately developed a strong passion for the game and started creating new tricks/moves in which his name was left on such as “Ali AlSaqoby move” and “A.Y.S block trick”. He started competing and winning in world class level championship passing through qualification rounds. Moreover, filming videos of himself performing extraordinary tricks that was complete shock to everyone seeing them as no one would have thought that such high level of soccer skills existed! Thus naturally , these videos went viral and with that, corresponding demand for tv interviews and performing in large events such as EXPO Milan became part of his lifestyle.

Photo: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby performing soccer freestyle shows in EXPO Milan (Instagram)

Even during his studies abroad in the UK as a scholarship dental student one day he would be in the UK seeing patients and attending lectures the other he is in Kuwait or other country giving a high class football soccer skills shows. In his EXPO Milan shows he received one of the most influential personalities award due to being the “EXPO Milan Star” according to the journalists managing to attract, thousands and thousands of people to his successful performance in which spectators were eager to take photos with him and collect his autograph as an inspiration.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is part of the world soccer freestyle federation as a decision maker and person in charge!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is involved directly with the sport being part of the world federation of soccer freestyle-based in Kuwait as a soccer president, having the complete rights to create official championships that counts towards the players world ranking system.

A prominent one done by him is the world known huge live event of Red Bull Streetstyle World Championship Qualifier in which he picked a Kuwait representative as a head judge for the world final finals in 2019 to compete in Miami, USA.

Ofcourse, Covid-19 has affected every live event in the world including sport competitions and championships. Thus, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby has found a way to organize official championships to be set virtual and at the comfort of your own home. He got commended by the news headlines for being able to successfully make the sports active at its dormant phase during the global crisis.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby – Top entrepreneur that is releasing an exciting book soon!

As with almost all social media influencers, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is also enjoys having an income through his advertisements for brands and companies in social media, adding another source of income to his already other established sources.

Having enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and being independent coupled with his fearless personality on taking calculated risks, and ofcourse his intelligence gave him the ideal ingredients required to be a successful entrepreneur owning/co-owning several establishments and companies. As a result, International business times has put him as an entrepreneur to watch for 2021

His new book collection will involve a book about the sport he is passionate about ‘soccer freestyle’. A chapter of  the book will be about how to make a living out of this new sport according to a hint he revealed in his IG story. This could be a book that not only soccer fans would enjoy and learn form.

Dr. AlSaqoby is definitely one to follow not only in 2020 but also into the future. His remarkable positivity and mindset with clear desire to give back has inspired our readers and we are excited to observe what he has in store for him in the future.

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