Adam Edelberg’s Journey from Creating His Own Label to Rocking Top Fashion Weeks

Adam Edelberg's love for his art and career have made him a known name in the fashion fraternity

Fashion is a beautiful creative outlet. It has given the world a reason to play dress-up. As an industry, it’s competitive, fast-paced, and an ode to humanity’s ability to persevere despite the odds. It’s not an easy world to break into or to break forth from. But those who are blessed with talent, ready to defy set norms and deify niche perspectives, often make the cut, pun intended. One such individual who is now a brand unto himself is Adam Edelberg. His journey from creating his own label to rocking top fashion weeks is every bit thrilling, endearing, and inspiring.

Edelberg had a childhood dream. But it wasn’t specific like becoming an entrepreneur or an artist. His passion was “to create something nobody else had. If it hadn’t been fashion, then whatever else I might have done would have reflected my core belief. I have always wanted to stand out because it gives me the impetus to test my boundaries and expand my limitations as a creative person.” When he decided to pursue his dream of perfection via fashion, he faced opposition at home. “My parents never wanted me to do it. But I was as adamant about doing it. So I took charge of my fate and the rest of history.”

Edelberg put his dreams in the couture-hands of fashion, and soon “he was working very hard in the industry and creating couture for a tiny group of people who could appreciate it.” His fame and finesse touched the skies when he got the chance to dress Lady Gaga, “that was my miracle moment. I knew that this would be one of the highlights of my life, and I gave it all I had.” Apart from Lady Gaga, Edelberg has also influenced Russian fashion blogger Kristen, who saw his Milan Fashion Week Spring-Summer fashion show in 2015 and “fell in love with that collection. Leather materials and pastel colors. S&M against pure beauty. He mixed sharp silhouettes with soft materials and pastel colors.”

Edelberg believes in absolute dexterity; his job demands no less. One look at his YouTube Channel, and it’s easy to see how his fingers move effortlessly to the tunes of his mind. “I take the process of creation very seriously. Whether I am designing for a select group or preparing for any upcoming fashion week, I pour myself into my creations.”

Edelberg’s love for his art and career have made him a known name in the fashion fraternity. His passion has brought him far and will, indeed, continue to take him further.

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