Ivan Bosnjak Shares Step-by-Step Approach to a Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketer Ivan Bosnjak
Digital Marketer Ivan Bosnjak

While it might seem that all businesses are now online, a staggering 45% of brands still have no defined digital marketing strategy, according to a recent study by Smart Insights. This only means one thing: many businesses put themselves at a competitive disadvantage because they lack an established online presence, causing them to miss out on a ton of customers potentially.

Ivan Bosnjak, a digital marketing specialist, shares that he has worked with such clients over the years. What’s even more surprising is that Ivan says some business owners don’t know where to start digital marketing. Sometimes, they’re unable to communicate exactly what they want to achieve. This doesn’t matter all that much to Ivan, however. He explains that at his digital marketing agency, Beconcept, his team works with clients across several industries, each of whom receives a custom, results-driven strategy.

Every business has its own set of unique requirements. Still, Ivan says that each marketing campaign comprises the same essential elements, all of which work in cohesion to provide the client with better performance, excellent returns, and improved customer satisfaction.


1) Define objectives


According to Ivan Bosnjak, his primary job is to help clients identify their business goals and align them with the corresponding digital strategy. He takes time to assess the project’s feasibility, define the terms of performance, and formulate a concrete plan that leads clients to the right digital path.

Ivan adds that it’s essential to determine key performance indicators (KPI). These figures are the ones their company will be held accountable for achieving, enabling clients to tell whether they will receive tangible results or not.



It always helps to evaluate the performance of previous marketing efforts. Ivan and his team use this information so they wouldn’t have to start from scratch. Additionally, past campaigns may have resulted in excellent results, which can be replicated in future campaigns.

At Beconcept, a team of digital marketing specialists uses various tools to help them track and analyze performance metrics.

3) Speak their language



Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost amidst all the data you’re dealing with. From selecting what online channels to use to figure out how to increase CTR, there are multiple things to monitor that you might forget about the very people you’re trying to reach.

Ivan uses an old-school yet still effective method to address this problem: user personas. A case in point is his work with Koala Babycare, a startup that creates unique pillows for babies. The company successfully generated sales on Amazon, but they wanted to break free from its steep fees.

Beconcept stepped in and created an e-commerce website, focusing on defining user personas and identifying triggers that entice visitors to browse the site and make a purchase. The results? An increase of 20% in organic traffic and 25% in revenue within three months.

4) Conduct split tests



Ivan takes pride in applying an engineering approach to everything he does. When it comes to his digital marketing campaigns, he frequently performs split testing. He explains that this is crucial in determining what works and what doesn’t. For example, for an e-commerce website, using the wrong color in the “Buy Now” button can result in drastically lower clicks and sales.

While it takes a lot of time to do A/B testing, Ivan says it’s a must for every campaign. It’s one thing that has enabled him to provide tangible results to several renowned brands, including Land Rover, AXA, and Valentina Giorgi.

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