StrongCell Nutrition to Launch a Revolutionary European-Inspired Health Supplement Made from NADH and CoQ10


For ages, the methods and solutions pertaining to health, wellness and medicine have varied across the world. While many regions have practiced the same methodology and healing practices for decades, for other regions, they might have only discovered some. For instance, take the United States and the benefits of NADH and CoQ10. Formulated in Europe, StrongCell is set to debut one of the first-ever health supplements that will contain liquid NADH and CoQ10 with collagen. Though its ingredients have typically been consumed over the years, often in pill form as a health supplement, StrongCell takes its all-natural ingredients and produces a liquid supplement that’s bigger and better than anything we’ve ever seen. As they prepare to launch nationwide, StrongCell is already poised to become an industry-leading supplement company in the health and wellness industry.

Made from a combination of NADH, CoQ10 and collagen, the StrongCell supplement is the first company to produce these natural ingredients in liquid form; and in its liquid form, StrongCell is able to offer the highest absorption rate to those who consume it, promoting energy, immunity, strength and fuel for the body’s cells. For years, NADH, has been known to improve focus and concentration and has additionally been used to treat medical conditions like Alzheimer’s and others. While CoQ10 has been known to help treat conditions like diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, migraines, multiple sclerosis, and more.

Despite these abundant benefits, NADH and CoQ10 are more often used as an energy and health supplement to promote naturally sustained energy over the course of strenuous physical activity or even a demanding workday. With the addition of collagen and its all-natural ingredients, StrongCell delivers an effect that not only leaves you feeling great, but looking great as well. The supplement stimulates the metabolism of the body’s cells, therefore helping cell growth that positively impacts the appearance of one’s hair, skin and nails.

In Europe, though supplements containing NADH, CoQ10 and collagen are more common than in the United States, StrongCell has created an unparalleled formula for their supplement that is designed to quickly and effectively boost a person’s health and wellness. While the company is currently positioned to serve the health and wellness industry with a product popular for its benefits pertaining to physical performance and energy, StrongCell is set to revolutionize the industry with a supplement that transcends health and wellness with natural benefits that contribute to health, energy and even appearance.

To learn more about StrongCell, as they prepare for their national launch, follow them on Instagram.

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