Artificial Intelligence Firm CYBUR to Donate 10.5 Million in Resources to Small Businesses

New data shows 97,966 businesses have closed across the U.S. in 2020 in the wake of the pandemic. That represents a 34% increase in permanent closures since July and in many cases, lack of online presence was part of the problem.

Artificial Intelligence Firm CYBUR

2020 has been a year of change and as we head into a new year, quite a bit of uncertainty remains about what could come next. As the world adjusts to a new normal, small businesses around the United States will be facing some of the biggest challenges. For so many small shops and companies around the country.

Our world is more connected today than at any point in the past. Over the past two decades, companies of all sizes had to learn how to adjust and adapt to the changing digital landscape. As the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic set in and people were ordered to stay home, business owners had to start looking at new ways of reaching customers. Now, the slow process of merging brick and mortar with the digital world has been shoved into overdrive.

But, with so many small businesses struggling to stay open amidst the pandemic, many owners don’t have the extra capital to invest in a new website or online stores.

Whether a business wants to offer local deliveries only or wants to ship their products anywhere in the world, the web design, optimization and SEO process is tricky, and often expensive.

That’s why Charles Glar, CEO of CYBUR, an artificial-intelligence firm, is offering business owners a helping hand.

“During the pandemic, l realized that businesses needed a platform that would help them thrive in the post-COVID era,” Glar said. “Many businesses need help adapting to a more technologically driven environment.”

Glar is doing more than just providing a platform, he’s donating more than $10.5 (M) in resources to help companies transition from brick and mortar to online. Instead of being left on their own to figure out the nuances of digital business, CYBUR is offering eligible U.S. businesses its experts and resources free of charge throughout 2021.

Those experts and services include marketing and design teams, developers, free storage on CYBUR’s server, and access to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology. The teams will not only design a website completely free, they’ll provide site updates and assistance throughout the year.

Shifting sales from primarily in person to online is a tricky process, but the experts at CYBUR know how to navigate it well. From getting more web traffic through the right SEOs to setting up e-commerce including shipping, tracking, and inventory management, it can seem overwhelming.

The expert teams at CYBUR are ready to help. Business owners will even have an opportunity to go one-on-one with these experts. CYBUR will hold educational conferences to help owners learn how to maximize their marketing ability.

Charles Glar also plans to donate grants to businesses in Boston, MA throughout 2021.

When our small businesses are down, entire communities take a hit. Glar wants to do what he can to help small businesses thrive and eventually return to a new sense of normal.

Eligible small businesses can inquire about the support starting December 7th 2020.

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