BendShape Masks Creates The First Social-Friendly Covid-19 Prevention Mask

BendShape Masks

Needless to say, the sudden onset of the pandemic triggered a surge of opportunistic PPE (personal protective equipment) enterprises.

These overnight businesses flooded the market with essential needs for sanitizers, masks, and other paraphernalia designed to palliate the initial COVID-19 wave.

However, nearly nine months after the coronavirus outbreak – when it’s become unquestionably clear that wearing masks is the new normal – most people are still wearing the same basic masks they were introduced to nine months ago.

If this way of life continues, then by all means we should try to normalize, socialize and humanize it.

Such is the thinking behind BendShape Masks which debuted to the market and is the most scientifically advanced, and approachable mask to date.

As opposed to your typical blue hospital mask, BendShape’s product features a transparent film screen in front of your mouth and chin, enabling the wearer’s full facial expression to be observed. It also flaunts an array of innovative features, such as a full-service filter and shapeable technology to bend to the fit of the mask around the natural contours of the wearer’s face.

All in all, BendShape‘s Masks constitute the first social-friendly and personable set of masks that have been engineered since the pandemic with implications not only for safety and protection but also for a more dignified and enriching way of life during these unprecedented times.


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