The Antony Gordon Show on “The Road Less Traveled”

Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon

Blindly following the roadmap that is laid out by society and passed out as unofficial “law” for all to adopt with little to no hesitation, is unfortunately the standard modus operandi for most people. Once in a while, a few brave souls—vanguards in their respective fields of interest—do in fact stray from the predetermined path; they scrap the map and opt to follow their own internal GPS to the “road less traveled.” It’s no easy feat and becomes that much more complicated and high-risk when the reroute happens later in one’s life, at the peak of an impressive career that’s filled with status. People often wax poetic about such pursuits in private company, some after a few too many drinks—spilling out their hearts’ true desire and dreams onto the unforgiving stage of reality…but it often ends there—with empty words that will for most, never come to fruition or see the light of day. On his most recent episode of The Antony Gordon Show, the inquisitive host explores this pertinent and timely subject with guest Jen Adams—founder of Gold Light Leadership—who in many ways personifies the premise of the podcast.

Antony, who is a huge proponent of living one’s truth, notes that today many people are living someone else’s version of what life should be. In order to discover one’s personal path a pause is needed; time is needed to find your strengths, when you are the happiest, and to figure out what makes you uncomfortable. The pandemic has in a twisted turn of fate provided this much needed time, and Jen seized the opportunity. After experiencing a spiritual awakening, she left her Senior Executive position at American Airlines—a role that falls into the category of a “dream job” by society’s standards—to pursue her passion. Jen took her own introspection and found her calling—which naturally combined her gifts and the desire to help others. She launched her Holistic Executive Coaching business with the aim of promoting her clients’ personal development “through mindset mastery, overcoming blocks and fears, and leading with authenticity.”

Although so many people can relate to the feeling of not being true to themselves and of not pursuing their higher purpose like Jen, most as Antony explains, are too comfortable, and simultaneously too risk-averse to make a change. “Popular culture talks about success, but most people aren’t really happy there…a lot of people are sitting behind a proverbial screen and taking in whatever pop culture is selling them, and embracing it,” he notes. As we know status, material things, and power are not at the basis of happiness, and Jen understood this at a pivotal point in her life when she chose to live for something, rather than for some things. If you are grappling with this same dilemma, and contemplating taking the plunge into the unknown, head to the latest episode of The Antony Gordon Show with Jen Adams, to hear her story and find your own inspiration for living a life of authenticity.

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