Kevin Nee took a bite out of the big apple and made a name for himself

Kevin Nee

A Nebraska native, Kevin Nee was taken aback during his first trip to New York. Upon arriving, he felt the energy that only the big apple exudes and while marveling at the architectural prowess of those who built the city that never sleeps, he encountered a nightlife host who invited him to the area’s hottest clubs and of course, handed over his business card.

Nee decided to return to the city years later and started looking for a job. The old business card fell out of his wallet, reminding the young entrepreneur of his first encounter with the world of New York hospitality – this prompted Kevin´s almost decade long (and counting) career in the hospitality industry.

Kevin became hungry for success – he dove into the most adrenaline rushing scenes you could imagine, it was tough – but he was set on making his way to the top, and he was not letting anything get in the way of that.

“I wanted to walk away from it all, but I was sucked back in and finally recognized for my hustle by Tri Hospitality management partner Shawn Kolodny,” Nee said.

It did not take long before the young nightlife entrepreneur found himself living the dream – he was surrounded by professional athletes, supermodels, his charm and authenticity resonated with many.

In the world of the rich and famous, true authenticity is incredibly rare – Nee maintained a genuine persona, showing sincere appreciation and the utmost respect for everyone. He made a name for himself without stepping on anyone’s toes, which ultimately made him an incredible person to work alongside.

“I am a pretty fluid person, I can work with all types of people because I don’t have an ego,” Nee explained. “I’m easy-going, and I let everyone do their thing, so even the seemingly ‘toxic’ people find me pleasant.”

Nee has organized some of the most alluring parties – single handedly, built a huge and valuable global network, and captured the attention of many worldwide. He has even become a partner at the very hospitality group in which he originally started as a promoter.

“My professionalism is rare in this social industry because some lose sight that it is an actual business,” Nee said. “My overall experience and exposure gave me an eye that is rare and a unique understanding of consumers and desired atmospheres.”

In the city that never sleeps, where most everyone is trying to make a name for themselves, stories like Kevin´s serve to inspire and empower new generations of go-getters who set their aims on becoming successful figures and achieving their dreams and objectives.

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