5 Security Measures to Safeguard Your Home

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Your home is where you and your family should have peace of mind, relax, and make fond memories. But with a residential break-in happening every 90 seconds in Canada, it’s hard to feel completely safe. Such burglaries not only lead to damaged property and stolen valuables but also have the potential to cause injuries and traumatic experiences.

The following steps should help you protect your property and family and discourage would-be thieves from targeting your home.

Secure Your External Doors

External doors are a burglar’s favorite point of entry. And that’s because they have glaring weaknesses that can be exploited by even the most inexperienced burglars. Make your door your first line of defense by investing in a sturdy deadbolt lock to prevent burglars from kicking in or prying your door. Working with a professional locksmith will help you find and install quality locks on all your exterior doors.

Use longer screws on the hinges to anchor the door to make it significantly more difficult to kick in. Install a sturdier hardwood or metal door, or invest in products that add a steel layer to the door frame. This will prevent the intruder from splitting the door or ripping it apart when forcing an entry.

Protect Your Windows

Most windows can be quietly pushed open or simply smashed to give way. Go for reinforced glass or acrylic on large windows and exterior doors. A more affordable option is a window security film as it helps prevent the glass from shattering when it breaks. Alternatively, you can invest in stronger window locks or exterior window bars to prevent forceful opening.

Don’t Let Thieves Know You are Not Home

Burglars choose their targets wisely. They conduct reconnaissance near your home and even scan your social media posts to learn whether you have traveled. If they learn you aren’t home, they will attempt to break-in. Since they won’t fear being caught in the act, they are more likely to spend more time in your home, increasing the level of damage.

The best way to make it look like someone is home is by using a light timer, especially when you have traveled. The timer automatically turns the lights on when it gets dark. You can also leave your TV on at a moderate volume to mimic activity and keep potential intruders guessing. Leave some of your curtains open if you are going away for a day.

Locked Door

Get to Know Your Neighbours

Knowing your neighbors is one of the easiest ways to create a safer community. Thieves feel intimidated when they know that people are looking out for each other. Your neighbor will call you when they notice suspicious activity around your home, and in turn, you can watch their home when they are away. When you travel for extended periods, you can ask a friendly neighbor to pick up the mail for you, collect any fliers left at the door, and do some light gardening work. Such actions will create the impression that you are around.

Consider a Home Security System

Although a home security system won’t prevent a thief from gaining access, it acts as an effective deterrence for would-be criminals. No burglar wants to trigger a loud alarm that draws attention to them, and no one wants their actions captured by a surveillance camera. Thanks to their effectiveness at scaring off intruders, outdoor security cameras are a great solution.

The ideal security system should have motion sensors around windows and doors, a modern alarm, and cameras in strategic places. A smart system will instantly send an alert on your phone when a breach takes place. You can also configure it to notify the police. Be sure to place a home security system sign in a visible area outdoors to stop perpetrators in their tracks.

Prevention Is Always Better

The best way to protect your home is by putting in place measures that will deter and intimidate an intruder. Inspect your home for vulnerabilities, secure all entry points, build relationships with your neighbors, and consider getting a modern home security system.

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